Question about sponsors
By Girlie
7/17/2012 11:56:15 AM
Someone said she'd send me a list of phone numbers I can call of women sex addicts. I'm hoping maybe one of them could be my sponsor. I really feel I need a sponsor.

2 questions

a)What do people do with these phone lists? (In SA meetings, people talk about contacts, do I contact these people?)

b)If I am supposed to call people, what in the heck am I supposed to talk about?

c)What do you do with a sponsor? I realize it helps with accountability, but that's all I know.

d)How do you choose a sponsor?


A sponsor has one purpose...    
"to walk you through the 12 Steps.
A good sponsor should have already worked the 12 Steps successfully, herself. I, personally, prefer someone with many years "clean". If a person has substantial clean time, it follows that what they are doing is working."
posted at 12:38:26 on July 17, 2012 by Anonymous
"ARP has an excellent paper called Support in Recovery which outlines what a sponsor should do, what a sponsee should expect and how to choose a sponsor. It's pretty awesome. Do you have a copy of it? I might be able to get one for you if not. Let me know.

posted at 02:03:06 on July 26, 2012 by siouxsie

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