Day 22
By They_Speak
7/9/2012 12:22:03 AM
21 meetings. Went to church for the first time in awhile. Was frustrating. My pride was kindled. So many distractions from the Tao in my mind. I had to go outside and sit under a tree. I watched and listened to the birds and felt the breeze and the sun on my face. There is no greater sermon.


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"Brothers and sisters, stay on the straight and narrow path. No, stay in the middle of the straight and narrow path. Don't drift; don't wander; don't dabble; be careful. Remember, do not flirt with evil. Stay out of the devil's territory. Do not give Satan any home-field advantage. Living the commandments will bring you the happiness that too many look for in other places. "

— Larry W. Gibbons

General Conference October 2006