By DaveC38
6/26/2012 12:47:32 AM
I have been reading several blogs tonight, and I have come across several that deal with masterbation. I wish that masterbation, or over comming masterbation was my biggest problem. Yes, it is sin, but are there any people that have and are struggling with blantent sin like homosexuality? I have lived that life for several years, and am now comming out of that lifestyle. I am just curious, I don't mean to minamize anyone's struggle in any way, so if I come across that way, please forgive me. Also, I will go and speak to my Bishop tomorrow night about my sexual past and addictions to drugs and alcohol, even though I have a year soberity. Please keep me in prayer, it would be appreciated... DaveC38


hmmm well most here know my opinion    
"I think Masturbation is overplayed and made a bigger deal than it is. Yes, it's a sin, but I believe it's between you and god. I don't think the bishop wants to know everytime you busted, that seems anoying. And, Masturbation is different. You get away from Porn, Alcohol, Dugs, but you CANT get away from yourself. Especially in your teen yrs, hormones and puberty makes avoided masturbation next to impossible. So to answer ur question, I think if Mast. Is ur only problem, AWSOME! That person is better than almost everybody in the world, so don't sweat it.

you mentioned something about Homosexuality, expand on that. You didn't give much."
posted at 01:29:28 on June 26, 2012 by moronidenovo
RE: Masterbation    
"I think that my thoughts about masterbation is much like your Moronidenvo, the Bishop reslly don't need to know every time one chooses to do the five knuckle shuffle! It's wrong once the act becomes compulsive, in your thought life and in your heart.
I have climbed several hugh mountains in my life, and am still climbing those mountains. Addiction to dope, booze, sex, porn, you can say I wasn't living the perfect " Mormon " life. I wish I could say I was, but that would be a lie. I was molested for most of my childhood, sex with men was all I knew. Sure, I've been with several women sexually, and physically it's great, but emotionally I am not exactly there, you know, for a long term relationship ( marriage ) with a women. I want to be, but I still need to be honest with myself. I am attracted to men, plain and simple. I have begged Heavenly Father to change this about me, with no avail. I beg for forgiveness for my sexual sins, including masterbation. I read on this website most of people's problems is struggles with masterbation, I mean really??? Are there people here who have major struggles with sex, sexuality, straight, bi, or gay? I am just curious is all. I'd like to know that I am not the only LDS man out there with these struggles. I just want to be honest. Thanks all.. DaveC38"
posted at 15:05:46 on June 26, 2012 by DaveC38
"I would love if my problem was just Masturbation. My life, would be so much easier. Honestly, all of the things you did must be hard, but it seems like people make masturbation a bigger deal than all of that. It's like, all the stuff you did, oh yes I hope you get better, the Lord will forgive you. But then we start talking about Masturbation and they're like GASP!! That's a sin, you shouldn't do that. That power is blessed and you have the power to stop. You just have to hoose to stop. If it was that easy so many teens my age would be happier.

The world is much darker and masturbation is hardly that bad. I hope you feel better. I have attraction to gay porn. I commented on one of ur other posts, look for it I talked more about that."
posted at 11:32:13 on June 27, 2012 by moronidenovo
If you are unsure ask your bishop    
"I would not get caught up in the "I think" mentality. If you are unsure about what needs to be confessed to your Bishop, ask him.

The "I think" mentality is where we begin to justify sins. Sin is sin and any sin of a moral nature needs to be dealt with priesthood authority.

Personally, I go to my Bishop anytime I do the big M and that has been the way it has been for over 35 years. I have never had a Bishop say that I could resolve that between Me and God. What does it matter if you have nothing to hide.

Ask and you will know.

Congrats on the new life."
posted at 16:03:21 on June 27, 2012 by Anonymous
I've asked the bishop    
"why is it the big M. What about the big SEX. Ridiculous how ppl make Masturbation seem like the worst thing a person can do.

and my bishop said work on it, not tell him everytime. He'd be getting texts all month."
posted at 17:37:27 on June 27, 2012 by moronidenovo
you're not alone    
"you're not alone i too struggle with s s a and am trying to fight not to be because i am married to a wonderful wife and feel like i'm the only one out there that has this problem. My bishop knows about the porn and masturbation and drinking but not the ssa. if there are others like this i would to talk to them and maybe we all can help each other over come this I know that the lord still loves me and is here for me as well as all of us ."
posted at 18:18:30 on June 28, 2012 by newsoul
"I read some of ur blogs. How are you doing?"
posted at 20:23:04 on June 28, 2012 by moronidenovo

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