Purpose Driven
By Josh A
5/23/2012 10:33:55 PM
I am taking the 40 day challenge for the purpose driven life. It has been shown over and over again to help people gain clarity about the important priorities. First day the truth is that we are created by Heavenly Father and he knows better than us what we were created for. The same way the engineer who created the instrument knows better what the intent and purpose is.

Today the thought is: It's not about ME.

Something to ponder: How can I remind myself in spite of all the messaging around me that I am here to live for God, and not for myself?

This is a hard concept, I suppose I must understand it a little deeper. I am imediately focused on my role as a husband father and bread winner. I start to think to deep when I think on living for him.

Here are the things I know. There is no other role more important to the man then raising his children. I know this because of all the names God chose he chose father.

I know that there is no greater support and strength than the women given in marriage.

I know that my main purpose in life in living for him at this stage should be raising worthy sons and daughters unto him. If I were to be the greatest member missionary for example I might help a few families come unto the lord, but if I have two sons and maybe a daughter who serve a full time mission and then raise a family of missionaries that is exponential....

So much of my adult life has been about making it. I will remind myself that living for him is about making the home peaceful and full of the spirit.

Ways that I can remind myself is to continue doing daily scripture reading, continue working on the most important commandment at the time (any commandment I am struggling with) and work on the verb of the ages LOVE.

I can pray more often, serve deeper, meditate more meaningfully, speak more kindly, re-date my wife.



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"Man has a dual nature; one, related to the earthly or animal life; the other, akin to the divine. Whether a man remains satisfied within what we designate the animal world, satisfied with what the animal world will give him, yielding without effort to the whim of his appetites and passions and slipping farther and farther into the realm of indulgence, or whether, through self-mastery, he rises toward intellectual, moral, and spiritual enjoyments depends upon the kind of choice he makes every day, nay, every hour of his life"

— David O. McKay