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By rachp
5/20/2012 3:41:56 PM
I had the privilege of speaking in Sacrament Meeting today, even after I told my Bishop I have a fear of public didn't get me out of it. My Bishop asked me to speak on the Sacrament. What a topic, for over the past year it has taken on a more complete and deeper meaning for me. For I have was unable to partake of the emblems due to choices I made. This gave me the time to ponder what does coming to Sacrament mean to me and what does partaking of the sacrament really me.

I want to share part of my talk in hope it will help someone as it has helped me.

The Lord has commanded us to attend sacrament meeting every week to partake of the sacrament (see D&C 59:9–12). When we do this, repenting of our sins and renewing our promises to serve the Lord and always remember Him and keep His commandments, we have the precious promise that we will “always have his Spirit to be with [us]” (D&C 20:77). This is how we can see beyond the obstacles and discouragements of this life to guide us to our heavenly home.

Elder David B. Haight, stated: “The weekly opportunity of partaking of the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper is one of the most sacred ordinances of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is further indication of His love for all of us. Associated with the partaking of the sacrament are principles that are fundamental to man’s advancement and exaltation in the kingdom of God and the shaping of one’s spiritual character."

Over the years, I have participated, as all of us have, in many sacrament meetings, and to me they really are more than just another meeting. Partaking of the sacrament provides us with a sacred moment in a holy place. We do it in accordance with the commandment the Lord gave us in section 59 of the Doctrine and Covenants:

“And that thou mayest more fully keep thyself unspotted from the world, thou shalt go to the house of prayer and offer up thy sacraments upon my holy day” (D&C 59:9).

From the beginning the message declared by all prophets has been what Moroni declared in his farewell “Come unto Christ, yea come unto Christ. (Moroni 10:30, 32).

Every Sunday, Latter-day Saints throughout the world, gather to come unto Him in the spirit of repentance, gathering with faith in His promise that when they meet together, He will be there also (DC 6:32).

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles stated: “With so very much at stake, [the sacrament] should be taken more seriously than it sometimes is. It should be a powerful, reverent, reflective moment. It should encourage spiritual feelings and impressions. As such it should not be rushed. It is not something to ‘get over’ so that the real purpose of a sacrament meeting can be pursued. This is the real purpose of the meeting. And everything that is said or sung or prayed in those services should be in harmony with this sacred ordinance. (in Conference Report, Oct. 1995, 89; or Ensign, Nov. 1995, 68).

As I was preparing for this talk, I came across a picture posted online and this picture depicted a typical sacrament meeting on Sunday with a family partaking of the bread and water.

I want to ask a few questions for each of us to think about. Each Sunday we come and partake of the Sacrament but how often is it just something we do? How often do we get caught up thinking about other things or wrestling children? What about when we are not present to renew our covenants?

What made this picture special was who the artist depicted passing the sacrament to each person, this person was our Savior.

How would our countenance change if our Savior administered the Sacrament to us each week? And He, Our Savior, true to his word, “does give them to eat and drink of the bread and the waters of life freely. By the power bestowed upon the hands of His priesthood holders He reaches out and offers each of us, one by one, bread in remembrance of His body, and drink in remembrance of his blood once shed for us. He tenderly blesses us one by one, healing our hearts, lifting our burdens and filling us with joy.

The Apostle Paul talked about the importance of partaking of the sacrament worthily. Remember that being worthy to partake of the sacrament does not mean being perfect. To partake of the sacrament worthily, we must be doing our very best to keep the covenants we have made—

Partaking worthily of the Savior’s Sacrament, we are filled with His tender and transforming mercy. Repented-for sins are forgiven; broken hearts are mended; discouraged souls are comforted; faithful saints are strengthened and private burdens are lifted-burdens not just of sin, but of human pain and confusion. To each person seeking answers to life’s questions, the Savior will speak peace, hope and guidance to us.

President Harold B. Lee stated: The greatest miracles I see today, are not necessarily the healing of sick bodies, but…..the healing of sick souls.

As we partake of the Sacrament we are prepared to ponder on the Atonement. More than just thinking about the facts of the Savior’s suffering and death, our pondering helps us to recognize that through the Savior’s sacrifice, we have the hope, opportunity, and strength to make real, heartfelt changes in our lives.


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"I am not able to take the sacrament, but I pay a lot more attention to the prayer now that I am not able to take it. I appreciate you taking the time to share this with us."
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— Neal A. Maxwell

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