Never give up on your addicted loved ones
By angelmom
5/5/2012 7:26:11 PM
Never give up on your addicted loved ones…

I am surrounded by addiction, and that is a fact. It is not something I have come to fully understand just yet in my life. I have one in recovery (yay!!!), and two who are not. Everyone in my family has been damaged badly by addiction. I do all I can to live in recovery from codependency, but fall short and forget where my focus is sometimes. I have come a long way and can appreciate that about myself. Living my life focused on the Savior is my only relief. I am learning to care about myself and my own life. It is coming along slowly as I have to overcome physical sickness for not focusing on my own well being. Recently I suffered what I believe to have been an emotional breakdown and some anxiety attacks. Addiction has taken its toll and ravaged my heart and soul. Every time I feel I cannot take one more dramatic event, the Lord shows me that I can do this.

There is nothing I know about how this is going to work out. I have no idea how this all ends. Some of this mess in our lives is playing out in the legal system and there seems to be no end in sight. I do not wish to delve into my situations deeply, but trust me it is a mess and there are serious consequences being played out on the stage of life right now. Situations I could have never imagined.

Yet still somehow I know that I have a loving God who is taking care of me and whispering to my soul that he is with me and that he loves me still. Love is the side I attempt to error on. I hold onto love and try to give it freely.

Trying to argue with an addict is insane, so all I can do is let go and love. Even though some choices one of my addicted loved ones is making, may remove them from me, I will still never give up on love. I am slowly learning that it is possible to let go, and not give up at the same time. It is hard to watch someone continue to hurt themselves and those around them. In my mind I wonder… “When will it be enough?” When will they see the damage they are causing everyone around them and the damage they cause themselves? When will they turn to God? When will they do it His way? Those are questions I just do not have the answer to. That is where I give my pain to God. My responsibility is to Love myself, and love my Family. To give all I have to Him who made me, and ask him to heal my broken body, mind, and heart. To ask him to heal my addicted loved ones... And then let go.

Where would I be without my beautiful Savior? He rescues me from my pain. He lets me know that he is holding my family close even when they feel so far from me. He is perfecting me through much pain and sorrow. And through it all somehow, I still believe !!! He lives, He really lives and He watches over all of our addicted loved ones. He loves us all even though not one of us is worthy of his love, He loves us still.

We may have to remove ourselves, or our addict may be removed from us, but each removal is one step closer to accepting His will for us. I use to think I was fighting a battle for the spiritual survival of my family, but now I KNOW that I do not have to fight anymore. Now that I am war torn and weak, I understand that I only need surrender them all to Him, and he will fight the battle for me…Surrender is more powerful thank the fight itself.

I pray that we will all surrender ourselves to the Lord. That we will give the fight to the only one who is mighty to defeat. I will never give up on my family, but I am giving them up to a loving God who loves them more that I can imagine.


"Thank you!"
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— Neal A. Maxwell

General Conference May 1987