Did meeting with your bishop help..
By anon16
4/30/2012 7:22:35 PM
The more frequent it was?I'm considering going to every week instead of every other week. However, what makes me hesitate is the difference in time - 15 mins vs 30.

Your thoughts?


Just my personal thought    
"you might be a little dependent on the bishops contant presence. You won't be able to be around him all the time will you. You should start to rely more on yourself and the lord, because the bishop is only their to guide you in the right direction. He can't make the journey for you."
posted at 00:17:38 on May 1, 2012 by moronidenovo
Good point    
"Moroni, you have a really good point.I struggle with that, but am working at not relying on him. I'm going to see how this Sunday meeting goes and then I'll decide for sure. He said he preferred weekly meetings, because its more consistent, easier accountability wise, etc. But he left it up to me. I'm trying to get a general opinion of what worked for other people."
posted at 18:44:12 on May 1, 2012 by anon16
I personally think its the focus that matters, not frequency    
"I don't think there's a huge difference between meeting with your bishop weekly or every other week. I personally think the difference will come when you focus on something OTHER than pornography and masturbation in your meetings. We all know we are powerless to overcome the addition--God will do that for us. So, why do Bishops ask addicts to tell them how we are doing every week or every other week? We're just going to have to report the bad news. Duh! We're addicted, so we acted out. That just leads to depression and frustration, which leads to more acting out.

Personally, I think the Bishop might help more by asking about and focusing on the things we DO control. How is our scripture reading and prayer? How is the music we listen to and the movies we watch? Are we attending the Church and temple (if he thinks it's OK--or even if we just go sit outside)? Are we attending Seminary or Institute? Are we attending our group meetings? Are we working the steps? Are we keeping a journal? Have we done anything WORSE than masturbation or pornography? Are we attending mutual and/or magnifying our callings? Are we finding ways to serve others?

These are things we can control, and we can be happy to report every week that we have been 100% successful. He doesn't even have to ask us about our masturbation and pornography, but we can happily report to him we have been clean whenever that is the case.

I believe that over time, 100% efforts in ALL of these areas will allow the Spirit into our lives on a frequent, almost constant basis. The Spirit will then change our desires and our thoughts. The Spirit will help us to humble ourselves before God, so that He can make weak things become strong. The Spirit will give us the strength to overcome our addictions. We will be turning ourselves over to God, and the atonement will be cleansing us and making us holy.

Over time. Even if that time is 1, 5, 10, or 20 years.

Personally, I think it helps more to focus on the positives and to focus on the path we are walking (the one with the iron rod). It doesn't help to focus on the mistakes we make. We all make mistakes. Brush them off, like a quarterback brushes off that he just threw an interception, and get back up again. The more we hold to the rod, the closer we will get to the tree, and the closer we will get to tasting the fruit of the Tree.

I feel free from my addictions. It is possible I may fall again, but if I do, it will have been my choice. I am in control again. I am free to choose, not subject to the addicted whims of my mortal flesh. Christ has made me whole.

I believe more than anything else I have done, one reason he has set me free (and made me strong enough to resist) is because of 16 or so years of truly consistent dailies and consistently trying to do almost everything else mentioned above. Real progress didn't happen for the first several years (I started the consistent dailies when I was about 16 after a few years of addiction). But, eventually, I saw changes in my desires, and the last few years have been wonderful."
posted at 19:32:24 on May 2, 2012 by beclean

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“Teaching Morality to Your Children,” Ensign, Mar. 1981