When in denial
By stoptheabuse
4/15/2012 1:20:43 AM
For years I have hoped I would get validation from my spouse about his porn addiction. Now as we move on with other things in life- like the part where he sexually abused our children and we are getting a divorce. I see this pattern. He denies it and blames ANYONE and ANYTHING but himself.

I have been involved with classes through my childrens abuse and I have learned some really important things there.

* Don't seek any kind of validation from someone you know you won't get it from*
Even if your not in a position like mine. I still was seeking validation years ago before things got to be this bad. I wish that someone had told me to not push like I did. I wanted him to see my points of view SO badly!!

*Unless something has changed or there is a new solution don't push it*
I constantly wanted to talk about the addiction. It was destroying my family!!! I didn't realize how my obsession made it so that he didn't want to talk to me about it.

*Being able to see when the abuse has sucked you dry*
About 2 years ago I ran dry. I had nothing left to give. And instead of realizing that things were that unhealthy- I kept going the rounds. It really effected my self esteem and the relationship that I had with others, including my children. I had nothing left to offer them after I had spend all my time and energy on my husband.

I have learned so many more things. I am just too tired to keep posting.


"Im sorry but a man who sexually abuses a child should not be considered a man. That's disgusting and terrible. If someone wants to destroy themselves fin, but that person doesn't need to ruin other peoples lives. Hope the best for you and your children."
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