Food Addiction
By momlittle3
4/1/2012 10:03:34 PM
It's time for me to actually admit - I HAVE A FOOD ADDICTION!! I seem to use food to attempt to satify every emotion I seem to be feeling. Work frustrates me, so turning to food, candy, etc... and eating until I can't eat one more bite starts to fill me up, but then I begin to be disgusted with myself for eating so much.

I am overweight according to the "charts" and right now am about 30 pounds over the weight I like to be at and feel comfortable with myself. Thinking of a "diet" and "exercise" depresses me....and so I open another package of jelly beans and begin to eat until the bag is empty. I didn't accomplish anything because I still feel frustrated, sometimes lonely, depressed, sad, etc....

It seems like everything revolves around food. To get together with family or friends and even for work, it's all about a meal. I'm really frustrated with myself right now...

I'd love any tips or ideas on how to begin the process to change...


I'm not a food addict but...    
"I have lived with one. And I'm studying health science to be a coach/personal trainer.

Fad diets don't work. They just make you feel miserable and hopeless. And exercise can be tough when you don't feel in shape. The hard part is starting.

So here's the thing, have a balanced diet. Decrease your daily caloric intake by 200-500 calories for a while. Slow and steady. Then find something that you like to do physically. Taking a walk? swimming? anything. I recommend taking a walk. Depending on where you live, the outdoors can be really nice. Slowly incorporate it into your life. In the morning, take a walk around the block. When you get off work, another walk around the block. Little things. Over time you feel more in shape and things will become easier :) Also with a balanced diet, you will still enjoy food without binging on food :)

You can do this! If you ever want to talk about health or need advice let me know. I can give you my email and answer any questions you have."
posted at 01:49:38 on April 2, 2012 by iamstrong
One Step at a Time    
"I have a sugar addiction and my wife has a food addiction. Getting God to take the irresistible urges away seems to be the only thing that works. I haven't had a doughnut or similar pastries since sometime before March 7th 2009. That was the day He took my two biggest addictions away. I took porn back up, but not my sugar addiction. I have had some sweets since then but I no longer have candy stashes or mask treat purchases by paying inside when I get gas or when I go to the grocery store on an errand “for something else” and then don't give my wife the receipt so she will see what else I got. My wife has finally come to the point where she will put her recovery first and is turning it over to the Lord. I have been amazed what she has been able to turn down. We have a friend who leads one of the meetings we attend and the Lord has taken away her eating addiction four times. When He does you can see the change. Since I finally found it there is a woman who lost 94 pounds and has kept it off for three years in the special on the LDS 12 Step program they aired between the Sunday sessions of general conference:

How to start the change? Go to 12 Step meetings and work the 12 Steps until God works his miracle in you.

You can do it!"
posted at 18:44:43 on April 3, 2012 by justjohn
"I know that therapy can have a bad image. I have dealt with an eating disorder for over 14 years now. I was an emotional eater, still am. I never knew how to stop. I live off sugar. I am a pro at dropping weight fast- most the time.

I went to several therapists that I hated and thought it was stupid to go to. I finally found some therapists that were LDS and that helped me understand the emotional triggers I have. I am working on those still. Its a process.

You can overcome hard things. the 12 step program is wonderful. I have not done it but have watched many others with an eating disorder accomplish great goals with it.

Admitting you have a problem is a HUGE step. So way to go!!!"
posted at 02:40:00 on April 7, 2012 by stoptheabuse
Not self will    
"I use to think that all I needed to do was get things under control. Like watch my eating, give up sugar, count calories, etc. To tell you the truth that was pretty cool and rewarding. All of those things made me feel strong and independent.

So the last time, just lately when I have been self loathing once again over the weight I have recently gained, I haven't had enough power to get it back together. I saw a tv episode of a morbidly obese woman talking to dr Phil about her food addiction. Before this day I had suspected that I had food addictions, but when I heard her reasoning, I realized that I was just like her. I was stunned.

My will was not enough. The most critical thing to realize for me was that my will never had been enough. It is only the help of my savior that I will ever become free of my addictions. I pray constantly. I pray when I see a bag of chips. I pray when I smell something divine to eat. I pray to walk past the fridge and just feel my tiredness or just feel my overwhelmed self,. Pray to have the courage to feel love for others and get out of thIs self absorbed, self willed, self controlled life into a life where thebLord takes over. That doesn't mean that I can just sit back and let whatever happens happen. It means I am changing my desires so that it is easier."
posted at 08:58:36 on June 23, 2012 by Anonymous
Let's support each other....    
"I appreciate the comments and know that there are many more people that have a food addiction. Let's support each other....seems that those around me don't see that I have a problem that I need support with. Also, seems like everything revolves around food.... HELP! I can't seem to control myself seeing a box of cookies on the shelf or drive by a local ice cream shop and not stop. I can't seem to wrap my head around the addiction and releasing my will to the Lord and allowing miracles to happen."
posted at 18:34:31 on June 24, 2012 by momlittle3

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"Lucifer will do all in his power to keep you captive. You are familiar with his strategy. He whispers: “No one will ever know.” “Just one more time.” “You can’t change; you have tried before and failed.” “It’s too late; you’ve gone too far.” Don’t let him discourage you. When you take the path that climbs, that harder path of the Savior, there are rewards along the way. When you do something right, when you resist temptation, when you meet a goal, you will feel very good about it. It is a very different kind of feeling than you have when you violate commandments—an altogether different feeling. It brings a measure of peace and comfort and provides encouragement to press on. "

— Richard G. Scott

General Conference May 1990