so nervous
By churchgirl
3/17/2012 6:16:48 PM
tomorrow my records will be officially moved into my new ward
which means i will be confessing my sins so what I'm getting at is...
I'm really nervous, i hate not knowing what my repercussion will be.
if someone wants to reread my story a couple blogs back
and tell me what might happen to me,.. step by step
that would be great. thanks, i don't think i could do it without this site.


What matters most....    
"is to kneel down before your Heavenly Father each night and tell him you are clean. Meet with your Bishop tomorrow. He will love you through whatever is necessary. You are young. Bishop will help you navigate your way out of this.....Take a deep breath and know that you are guided by a wise father who knows you even better than you do. Confession will be a breath of fresh air in your life. Trust us!"
posted at 21:53:30 on March 17, 2012 by chefdalet
It's not that bad    
"I moved right in the middle of a volitile point in my recovery. My old Bishop, me & My new Bishop & my hubby all had a meeting. It helped a lot. Moving & talking about your story again isn't that hard. When you are in the middle of it, it feels hard, but when your meeting is over, you feel so much better & you wonder why you worried so much.
Remember that Bishops are not "bad guys" ready to throw us in the slammer. They are our allies & are placed in those positions to help us.
Relax, you will be fine. Every situation is different, so to say what I think could happen would not be right. There was a time that I thought I was going to be disciplined & my Bishop basically told me, "Aren't you glad you got that out of you? Now go home & keep moving forward." Just pray & try to relax as much as possible."
posted at 05:45:20 on March 18, 2012 by ME
"is worth it.

No matter the consequences, it will be better. There are bad consequences (probably not taking the sacrament for a while) and good consequences (peace, freedom).

I don't know what you will have to go through. Every situation is different. In my case, I am addicted to porn/mb. I also have had sexual interactions... Unfortunately, mine involved a Melchizedek priesthood holder. I was put on a probation. That moment turned my life around. That probation blessed me more than you can imagine. It was the Lord's way of healing me. And I'm still not whole but He's making me new."
posted at 20:04:35 on March 18, 2012 by iamstrong

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