How bad is chatting online
By moroni
3/11/2012 10:17:46 PM
About a month ago, I was on the site called chat roulette. Needless to say, their are a lot of people that show themselves acting out. In the span of 3 days, I showed myself and did some things. I have never gone back since and have no intention what so ever. How bad is this? What will happen when I confess? Ahh I hate the internet. My curiosity is my true weakness.


How bad is this?    
"I personally think that question is going to prevent you from repentance... How far can I go? How bad is it? Where is too far? No. For me, one step away from Christ is too far. And I go too far all the time. So it doesn't really matter how bad it is. It's bad and you want to repent right? Everyone should be in a repentance process. Every single person on this planet should constantly be in a repentance process. So what will happen when you confess? You will be one step closer to Christ. And that makes it worth it.

Talk to your Bishop and/or parents about getting an accountability internet filter. You can set up restrictions and whoever you choose to be accountable to can make the password. They will also get notified if you go to an inappropriate websites. Being accountable to someone might help."
posted at 23:02:50 on March 11, 2012 by iamstrong
Real or Virtual worlds it doesn't matter    
"Elder Bednar gave a BYU devotional on this. He talked about how everything is REAL, whether you do it in a virtual world or real world, you did it. The people on the internet may as well be in the room with you. I agree with IAMSTRONG, get an internet filter. Net Nanny is the best one."
posted at 23:36:38 on March 11, 2012 by ME
what it shows is a deeper level to the addiction...    
"Its always a spiral down.. sometimes fast sometimes slow..
maybe next level is one on one chat.
then meet someone it person.. imagine how hard it is to say NO to a woman that is aggressively persueing you to be bad.
then you cross the line with touching or oral
there are SOO many ways to spiral down..

be like joseph -- FLEE!!"
posted at 16:10:34 on March 12, 2012 by Anonymous
Im not trying to justify anything    
"I was just wondering what my consequence would be. I'm never doing that again I was just in a bad place I guess. Curiosity is quite deadly."
posted at 02:07:26 on March 13, 2012 by moroni
I'm sorry    
"if it seemed like I thought you were justifying. I just remember when I was 16, I always wanted to know the punishments. I always wanted to know what I had to do to get the sacrament back. After quite a few years in recovery, I have realized that the answer is that the punishment is the Spirit not being there. And that you take the sacrament when you are recommiting to follow Christ.

It is the same for every sin. Repentance is repentance.

Once again, I apologize."
posted at 02:52:18 on March 13, 2012 by iamstrong
Dont be sorry    
"The post was short so ppl saw it differently. I've read a lot of post about people getting excommunicated and am just wondering if that could happen to mr for that. That, would be terrible, I dont think I would be prepared for that, hence my original post about how bad chatting is.

Iamstrong, how old are you and how has your process been?"
posted at 03:22:41 on March 13, 2012 by moroni
You will only get excommunicated for a few things..    
"Well I guess technically you could get exed for anything if your leaders feel it will help.. the guideline is saving the soul of the sinner, protecting the victims, protecting the name of the church..

My understanding that you wont get ex'ed for excessive porn or masturbation. But you arent really going to thrive. Probably wont be taking the sacrament much.

Start adding another person to your sins, and things get more complex. Petting (love that word - hah), oral sex, sex will

Gay stuff puts you in a special catagory. no idea there.

Frankly you are single. chatting with women isnt a sin. mb isnt really good. MB with an adult or a man watching is really bad.

But seriously, all these things damage you a lot. good luck.

posted at 14:09:30 on March 13, 2012 by Anonymous
Church Discipline    
"If you are just meeting with the Bishop, you won't face Church Discipline. If your Bishop calls a Church Disciplinary Council (a meeting with you and priesthood leaders to discuss the issues and then they pray about it), then you could face no action, probation, disfellowship, or excommunication. It isn't all or nothing. Here's an article at the bottom of my entry on Church Discipline that my Bishop read to me before my Council.

I was not excommunicated. I was put on probation. I am almost 20. If you read my blogs they talk about my story a bit. I have struggled with sexual sin since I can remember. I didn't do anything about it until I had crossed the line. Then I repented and entered a 12 step program because I realized I was addicted. I am attending a church university. I am active in the Church. I love God and His Son Jesus Christ. And they strengthen me every day. This road of recovery has been painful. And it hasn't gotten easier. It's gotten harder. But what I realized is that it gets better. Harder but better. And I've learned A LOT. I will never be done repenting. I need to repent for everything not just sexual sin. I need to use the steps in my life ALWAYS for EVERYTHING."
posted at 15:12:44 on March 13, 2012 by iamstrong

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