Back again
By Tjditch
3/7/2012 9:09:01 AM
Here I am again, 6 days sober... This last year has been an huge struggle for me... I can't seem to get this monkey off my back. But I can't keep doing what I am doing. I hate that I have desires to look at the filth. To respond to it... I have been reading a book that goes into detail about our relationship with porn, how it's romantic and we actually begin to love it like a dysfunctional partner... I'm not as codependent as unused to be but this is my major codependent relationship. Always there when I need it, never rejecting. But it never fulfills me either, just leaves me empty and alone. It hurts myself and the people around me. I want to be free of it, and thats why I am here. One more slcommunity or place where I have some accountability. I'm sick of being sick... I will get through today, and let tomorrow take care of tomorrow. Thanks for listening.


One day at a time    
"1 day a time. I am a long time addict, I have all sorts of issues myself. But I decided to make a week "porn free week" that was the goal. Next I had "porn free month". It helped. When I had the urge I just kept reminding myself that I couldn't do that because it was "porn free month". I even told myself that after porn free month I could go back if I wanted. I haven't.
It is hard. Everyday I fight the urge, every day!!! Usually every hour.

A good song suggestion too..."Born Free" by Andy Williams.
I sing along, but I change the words to "Porn Free". The song takes on new meaning when sung like that."
posted at 17:24:22 on March 7, 2012 by WHATTODO

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"If it were possible to make your road very easy, you wouldn’t grow in strength. If you were always forgiven for every mistake without effort on your part, you would never receive the blessings of repentance. If everything were done for you, you wouldn’t learn how to work, or gain self-confidence, or acquire the power to change. "

— Richard G. Scott

General Conference May 1990