my story..retold..really long and intense...past bishops please feel free to comment as well
By churchgirl
2/19/2012 5:04:54 PM
sorry this is my story retold, i figured that i need to tell it in all its glory so that i know what to expect when i meet with my new bishop here in a couple of weeks. here it goes......

it started about when i was 15. i was in high school and found out that the star of the football liked me and of course being 15 and wanting to be popular started talking to him eventually things got really intense and i let him finger me that only happened once and i sent him a naked picture of myself because he said he loved me and again being 15 thought that he really did but surprise he didn't, i eventually got over him and the high of being the popular girl and i started dating this other guy and about 4 months into our relationship he fingered me. this happened for a good little while and i eventually lost the Spirit completely :( but i was so into doing this deed that i had no idea that i had lost it. then with him too we exchanged some pictures but that didn't last long. he eventually graduated high school and by this time i was 16. i didn't know it back then but him graduating was actually a life saver for me because we never saw each other regularly enough to do anything of that nature again. eventually we broke up and haven't done anything of that nature ever again. i have then dated another guy no, we didn't exchange naked pictures but he did finger me once and only once because i eventually learned that fingering was a form a sex and sending naked pictures was pornography. see when i was younger, i didn't grow up with learning about sex and how it was bad anyways. all that happened between jan 2008 to feb. 2010.

since then i have had once slip up and that was a couple of weeks ago. i am now on to day 17. i don't crave sex, i don't crave getting fingering, i don't crave porn..nothing. i am working on having my records moved over the the YSA ward and will start working with that bishop within the next few weeks.

but i do have some questions i would like answered.

1. what would be some of the repercussions of my actions?

2. are my dreams of going on a mission completely gone?

3. if i were aloud to go on a mission would i have to re confess to my stake president?

4. how do i make sure my new bishop doesn't tell a soul?

5. will i still not be able to partake of the sacrament?

hopefully my next blog will be on how my meeting went :)
thanks again for reading my blog and hopefully addressing my concerns that i have . this site is truly amazing. thanks again!


you will be fine. he's heard worse    
"What he's probably looking for is how repentant you are. How long ago it was."
posted at 18:08:23 on February 20, 2012 by Anonymous
Trust your Bishop and the Lord    
"My guess is that the repercussions won’t be too severe. The key is your repentant attitude. Trust the Lord and the Bishop. I have heard very, very few who have had problems with their bishop not keeping a confidence. Trust his counsel as well. He is entitled to inspiration in your case. Repentance works. A mission is not out of reach. Maybe when you get back from your mission I’ll line you up with my son. :) Somewhat just joking! A worthy mission and temple marriage are both in your future despite your past. The Savior performed many physical miracles during His ministry and none of them were just partially healed. He can completely heal us spiritually as well.

PS – What is taken care of at the bishop’s office stays at the bishop’s office. It doesn’t have to ever come up in a later interview. You can be done with it at that point.

And congrats on day 17!"
posted at 18:59:20 on February 20, 2012 by justjohn
Ditto above.....    

I served as Bishop and was released last summer. I am also an addict.

Here's the good news....Your Bishop is on your side. Going to your Bishop is part of the punishment as we have led our youth to's part of the cure. You are not an endowed adult, and your Bishop will treat you just like any of the youth who have struggled with sexual sin. He will love you for your strength and willingness to repent, and will guide you through the repentance process. Don't be afraid of what you can and can't do after your confession. Your Bishop knows what is best for him.
Make sure to FULLY confess. Don't hold anything back that will weigh on your mind later. Don't allow Satan to beat you up over past mistakes. You are a daughter of God with diving worth. This doesn't change any of that. Heavenly Father loves those who repent."
posted at 21:04:52 on February 21, 2012 by chefdalet
"Whats thebad news"
posted at 08:11:01 on February 22, 2012 by churchgirl
The bad news    
"The bad news is if you do it right (full confession) it will be painful. Like road rash, if you scrub it out good, it really hurts to get all the dirt and gravel out of it. After that the healing starts. Like the song says, “I’ll drop my burden at His feet and bear a song away.” How Gentle God’s Commands 125"
posted at 11:04:56 on February 22, 2012 by justjohn

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