A Call for Spouses Stories
By roger
2/8/2012 6:38:53 PM
Hi, I am Roger Stark, author of “the Waterfall Concept; A blueprint for addiction recovery.” I have begun compiling a new book entitled ”The Spouses Guide to Addiction Recovery.” I have decided upon a format that follows Alcoholics Anonymous”s “Big Book” with a section of personal stories. The 4th edition has over 40 personal stories of individual recovery. They are read and quoted often and continue to bring healing and understanding to all that read them.

I believe that spouses of addicts in the LDS community have, by way of the struggle brought upon them, developed wisdom and understanding that would be helpful in a like manner. Your understanding was gained the “hard way,’ sharing might make it easier for those just entering into the maze of recovery. The unique features of our culture make addition even more “cunning and baffling” that it is for those not of our faith.

Some suggested topics might be: Do I go or stay? How much do I really want to know about the acting out? Is there hope for recovery? How do I take care of me? What boundaries should I set? Why should I work the 12 steps? I’m not the addict! How do I practice self-care? How much do the kids need to know? How do I deal with my ward family? What do I disclose to whom? And another other subject that might be helpful. Your story maybe of great value to others, would you consider sharing it?

If you have interest, please contact me through my website or email me at roger “at”


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