A (re)new(ed) Hope
By quuephe
1/15/2012 10:24:29 PM
My Brothers and my Sisters I am so grateful that you have shared with me your struggles! I am esspecially grateful that you have also shared with me your victories! That you have given me a new hope in that I am not alone! That you will come to my aid when I need you.

I only just joined today... I've been trying to fight this ugly best for the 10-15 years now.... I don't even remember how exactly it all started, though I do know it was MB and I didn't even really know what I was doing... I'm married now... My wonderful wife is very supportive of me and has encouraged me so very much. I was listening to KLove the other day and decided to call their ministry and see if they know of a sex-addiction program in my area... They didn't have any help. I asked my therepist... Still nothing. I kept the prayer in my heart, but I stopped looking. Today, while I was surfing the net, trying to find the lyrics to a song (maybe ya'll can help me I'll say more at the end of the post) and some reason or another LDSAR was one fo the top 10 hits... The song had nothing crude or vulgar, as it is actually a church song. I just stared at the link for a bit and then it hit me. This is what I might need! I've been online now for hours... ( ment to be in bed hours ago). I have such a renewd hope, now!

For years, i've felt I shouldn't or couldn't pray if I thought or knew I was going to "slip." Here, I've read posts about talking to our Father in Heaven and even if they did sin right before or right after, they kept their relationship with God open... I've been closing that door, just as Lucifer wants! I've felt hope I haven't felt in a while because of your love and support. I'm going to do something I've never done before. I'm going to Blog and I'm going to try to blog about every step of the way! I'm rooting for you and I'm excited to know that you all are cheering me on! thank you for your prayers!!!



The song...    
"The only words I can remember to the song is "... I am of worth, of infinite worth..." I know it's a young womens song, but I can't remember more of it than that... Any help?

posted at 22:50:54 on January 15, 2012 by quuephe
"Here is the link to the song you may be looking for"
posted at 23:24:11 on January 15, 2012 by rachp
real song    
"Actually here it is

All I need do is remember
If ever I wonder if I am of worth.
Remember my Savior, what He did for me
When He lived among men on the earth.
Pain and unspeakable sorrow
He bore for my sins there in Gethsemane.
Then He gave up His life as He hung on the cross,
And He did it all for me.

For I am of worth
Of infinite worth
My Savior Redeemer loves me.
Yes, I am of worth
Of infinite worth
I’ll be all he wants me to be.
I will praise him,
I will serve him,
I will grow in his love
And fulfill my divine destiny.

Lovingly Jesus is watching,
He knows I am worth all He suffered for me.
Now I must fulfill my own mission in life,
Ever following Him faithfully.

Line upon line I am striving
Not seeking the honor or praise of mankind.
I will reach for the joy of Celestial rewards,
‘Til all that God offers is mine

(Repeat Chorus, add tag:)
For my Savior, Redeemer, love me."
posted at 23:39:37 on January 15, 2012 by rachp
You are more than...    
"What you've done. More than your mistakes. And there's this Tenth Ave North song that I like that talks about that. It says "this is not about what you've done but what's been done for you. This is not about where you've been but where your brokenness leads you to." And that's the truth. Christ has taken on that sin but you've got to turn to Him. So don't give up hope. Don't dwell on your past too much. And move forward. Today is the day!"
posted at 01:25:41 on January 16, 2012 by Iamstrong
Thank you!    
"Rachp! I have been trying to remember/find that song for quite some time, now.

IAMSTRONG, you have been guided by the spirit! Especially with how much I hold on to my past. My wife has told me several times that I need to let go. Asking her to marry me, after my first marriage blew up in my face and then the next serious relationship after that was hard. I held on so tightly to the past that it was hard to realize what an amazing women I had, and i was starting to push her away... Now we are working toward a temple sealing, and you are are helping us to get there!

posted at 07:13:37 on January 16, 2012 by quuephe

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