1 Week Clean!
By melvin
1/3/2012 1:14:37 PM
1 week clean, Working hard. Pray for me.


Me too!    
"Today is my one week mark as well. Let's pray for each other :)"
posted at 13:54:46 on January 3, 2012 by losthope
"Good for you. I can't even do that (mb in the middle of the night half asleep). I will keep praying for ya."
posted at 14:05:34 on January 3, 2012 by BA
Always praying for you!    
"Keep going :)"
posted at 01:22:50 on January 4, 2012 by iamstrong
"Keel going. The fight is worth it. I have six days. You to go for one more day."
posted at 19:31:19 on January 4, 2012 by rachp

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"If it were possible to make your road very easy, you wouldn’t grow in strength. If you were always forgiven for every mistake without effort on your part, you would never receive the blessings of repentance. If everything were done for you, you wouldn’t learn how to work, or gain self-confidence, or acquire the power to change. "

— Richard G. Scott

General Conference May 1990