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By churchgirl
12/22/2011 8:55:33 PM
i have recently learned out this site and have some questions
as previously mentioned in my last post ive had some issues (moral) that i have overcome but i have been thinking about serving a mission, but i have no idea how to go about it. i thought that you had to be worthy to serve a mission and not have any problems like these?


As someone who served an honorable and pure (and hard working) mission    
"I would like to answer your question and give you some specific background information that I think will help. But before I do, I would just like to share a perception that I have about you: I think you're just a bit too hard on yourself (NOT minimizing what you've done) and you're filled with dread about confessing. Well, I was filled with dread, too. But after the tears and dread were over, I was happy and joyful and carefree like never before, and I was clean and able to go on a mission with a pure heart. And my heart aches for you because I know the burden of guilt that you're carrying, and how caustic it is to your self esteem and it dampens all the joys of your life.

Now, for some reality checks: Last summer, a childhood friend of mine visited me for the first time in many years. We had grown up in the same ward, went on missions, I was best man at his wedding, etc. He moved far away after he married, had a bunch of kids, became a bishop, and sent his sons on missions (one was still at home).

It was only last summer -- after 42 years -- that I learned (from him) that he had had "relations" with a young lady (he slept with her). That delayed his mission by one year.

He wasn't disfellowshipped, much less excommunicated. Although I didn't discuss the details with him, I don't even know if he was put on probation, but perhaps he was. Then, after waiting a year, he served an honorable mission, came home, met a girl who was far too good for him, but she married him in the Temple anyway, and they've lived full lives together.

I also know of another guy in my stake at that time who made the same mistake, with the same results, meaning, that after a year, he served an honorable mission, etc.

You're not going to be prevented from going on a mission because of past actions, as long as you have repented of them.

You're very young and you've never broken temple covenants. And you will be worthy as soon as you give a full confession to your Bishop, as long as you've repented (and from what I understand, you already have repented of your actions).

Please don't let your wounds fester any longer. Confess. And you'll be able to go on a mission worthily, go to the Temple, marry in the Temple, and have a happy life with the kind of guy you've dreamed about since you were a little girl.

My heart aches for you because you are suffering needlessly, and you have for years (so did I). Don't delay. Cast your burden on the Lord. Pray for strength and determination. Read your scriptures. And make that appointment with your Bishop."
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