A Late Butterfly
By dog
12/17/2011 9:22:28 PM
I love to skydive (though I've only made 14 jumps, and the last was about 15 years ago). I remember my last jump in a state in the American Southwest.

It was a solo freefall jump in early September. After a bad exit (I passed out because I hadn't slept and had barely eaten in two days), I came to on my back about 300 feet below the Cessna 172 and righted myself face to earth in a good arch, taking in the scenery and doing a backloop just for the sheer joy of it.

After an all too short freefall, I waved off and tossed my pilot chute, which deployed my main, a nice little 7-cell canopy known as a "Fury." My end cells inflated perfectly, I had no line twists, my slider came down promptly, and so I unstowed my handles and pumped the brakes to test my forward drive.

I put my back to the drop zone to test the wind direction, and soon turned back towards the wind sock and the pea gravel landing area. I was about two thousand feet AGL at this time.

I did a lot of hook turns in succession, first left, then right, then leveled out at about 700 feet, and started my final approach towards the peas. It was a beautiful early afternoon, the temp had been quite cool at altitude, but now was a mild 70 + degrees.


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