We are not permenantly broken
12/13/2011 11:01:02 AM
I work graveyard shift. After work I went the gym & worked out. It felt really good. Then on my way home, a few triggers came my way. I didn't have a plan, if I were confronted with my issues. I started debating myself in my head, "do it", "don't do it". I did NOT want to relapse AGAIN. I remembered a conference talk from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. It is from April 2006 conference, it is titled,"Broken Things To Mend". You can still listen to it as well. I love reading along as I listen to the General Authorites in their voices, share the messages that they share. So, I read along & listened to Elder Holland.
There is a part that sticks out at out me from Elder Hollands conference talk, it says, " Are you battling a demon of addiction, tobacco or drugs or gambling, or the pernicious contemporary plague of pornography? Is your marraige in trouble or your child in danger? Arae you struggling with gender issues or searching for self esteem? Do you or does someone you love face disease or depression or death? Whatever other steps you may need to take to resolved these concerns, come FIRST to the Gospel of Jesus Christ."
I love this talk. I think that everyone needs to remember that Jesus Christ lead the way.
Pease go to the link below. It strengthened me. I didn't not cave in. I remembered ih whom I have trusted. You can do. />
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"If, through our unrighteous choices, we have lost our footing on that path, we must remember the agency we were given, agency we may choose to exercise again. I speak especially to those overcome by the thick darkness of addiction. If you have fallen into destructive, addictive behaviors, you may feel that you are spiritually in a black hole. As with the real black holes in space, it may seem all but impossible for light to penetrate to where you are. How do you escape? I testify the only way is through the very agency you exercised so valiantly in your premortal life, the agency that the adversary cannot take away without your yielding it to him. "

— Robert D. Hales

General Conference, April 2006