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By Photoclickr
12/6/2011 2:18:46 PM
Hey Folks, I'm new.... Been looking for something similar to this website for some time now. I'm at the office working currently so i won't take the time to explain myself or my issues. But to sum it up, I've ruined myself and my wife but we both are on the track of recovery...

I hope that i can be involved in this throughout the day and revive and give support where i can.

Thanks in advance for your support and insight,



"Welcome. We are glad that you are here. If you need advice or anything... let us know. We are here for you."
posted at 14:26:28 on December 6, 2011 by Ymir
Welcome to the family!    
"I have been helped by this online community so much in the past few months. We are all here for you and I am excited for you to be on the path of recovery!"
posted at 20:28:54 on December 6, 2011 by iamstrong
This is a safe place.    
"Honesty rules. Recovery is a straight and narrow path but there is plenty of room and there are many of us here that share your burdens and experiences. Both addicts and spouses of addicts will have something to share. Self loathing and shame will be replaced by self confidence and love. As I have been sober (clean) for a while now I can truly testify of the power and the mercy and grace of a loving Heavenly Father. His healing power can and will be manifested in your life as you submit your will to His. That was a hard thing for me to do as my addictive lifestyle was so engrained and deeply rooted that I felt that I was an old broken down car that didn't have what it takes to run anymore. I was wrong. My relationship with my wife is strong and healthy and as the Apostle Paul said, "There is no shame in marriage and the bed is undefiled." Heb. 13:4 (I paraphrased)

Recovery means joy and happiness.
Merry Christmas"
posted at 22:33:16 on December 6, 2011 by 3R's
Amen, Amen    
"Thanks 3R's,

My husband and I are healing as well. We have been working the program for over 1 1/2 years now. This addiction has changed our lives in ways I would have never imagined. God has given us a new normal. As Elder Boyd K. Packer said, "Life will teach us some things we didn't want to know" . Oh baby, I am so there...

This is a long road, but truthfully things will come along in this life that we did not want or ask for. I believe that if our addicted loved ones really truly understood what they were doing the first time they did it, they would have never looked, or consumed even once.

I know Jesus Christ as my Savior as I never have before. My husband is a new man in him and I am new as well, and I am so grateful that he has embraced this life with Christ. His addiction is not my personal favorite thing in life, but the lessons we are learning from it are. It has altered our lives in such a way as to reach out to lost souls living in darkness and offer them the new hope and new life we are now living. Also, I believe it is that new hope and our example of love that will one day bring our struggling children back to the Lord.

At the end of the day and at the end of our lives, it all comes down to love. We either giving love or taking love away in everything we do every minute of the day. If you will allow the atonement to encompass your life, this addiction will give you and your wife a new life with Christ and a new love for him and everyone you meet.

You are well on your way!"
posted at 07:51:29 on December 7, 2011 by angelmom

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