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By iamstrong
12/5/2011 10:42:17 PM
So I've reached 100 days yesterday and I've been talking to my Bishop fairly regularly for the past few months. But now ward boundaries are changing and even this last little while, he has told me that I don't need almost weekly meetings with him anymore. So I have a question for those of you who have made it this far...

What do I do now? I will continue to work the steps, but if I get a new Bishop should I tell him about my problem? I do feel like a new person but I've been sober for a long time before and then relapsed into addiction even further than before. So I'm just worried. Do I only go to the new Bishop if it becomes a problem again? Basically, I've never made it this far and felt so free and I'm scared because I don't know what to do.


"There is nothing better than consulting our Father in Heaven to know which way you should go.

You are not required to talk to the Bishop about you past. But if you feel so inclined through prayer, than do so. Maybe what you would be telling him, especially about your sobriety may be of help him in assisting another person who suffers from addiction.

Hope that helps.
posted at 06:35:00 on December 6, 2011 by Anonymous
Pray About it    
"I'm not in this category whatsoever, but my friend was. Slightly different issue, and it wasn't an addiction that I know of.

She worked with the previous Bishop, and also the current Bishop. I don't know where she was at in her progression, but I do know that she continued to work with the new Bishop. She didn't like the new bishop at all, but she still met with him and let him help her.

New Bishops, especially if they haven't been a bishop before, are constantly learning. My bishop learned on me a lot, as he did my friend. I agree with angel though, pray about it. You'll know what to do."
posted at 07:12:39 on December 6, 2011 by anon16
A few things come to mind...    
"First of all, make certain that you're coming to grips with the roots of your problem so that you don't relapse. Remember what LOSTSOUL said? He had been clean and sober for three years, but then he started suffering from depression. And after a year of so of being depressed, he relapsed worse than before (not just porn/mb, but also drugs and alcohol). He should have sought help when he first felt depression coming on. Remember the Relief Society/Priesthood lesson on chastity? It says that the adversary knows when we're depressed, and that we're particularly susceptible to breaking the laws of chastity at such times. You need to understand yourself if you want to have true, lasting recovery. You need to be able to see the red flags that trouble is approaching, and then seek an appropriate remedy to your situation (be it depression, PTSD, fear, anxiety, etc.) rather than to medicate yourself. So be able to stand outside yourself and take appropriate pre-emptive courses of action.

Next, when you do pray, be considerate of the Lord: make it easy for him to answer your prayers. Form your request in a way that he can answer with either a feeling of approval or disapproval. You do this by determining a course of positive action, but keeping an open heart and mind, and then seeking the Lord's approval or disapproval through fasting and prayer. My belief is that you will get your answer the first time you pray about it, and that your answer will be solid, substantial, and unambiguous. The Lord will not leave you alone in this matter. So pray and ask for guidance to help you organize your thoughts and come up with the best approach -- do you continue counseling with the new bishop, or do you not (it probably wouldn't hurt to ask your present bishop for his counsel in this matter). Weigh the options and the reasons that support them, then make a firm decision as to which course you're going to follow. Then go before the Lord in fasting and prayer with a totally open heart, and let him know what your course of action will be, and does he approve? You will receive your answer.

Now I want to say "Congratulations on 100 days of sobriety. Keep up the good work!""
posted at 13:51:35 on December 6, 2011 by dog
Thank you!    
"Thank you for your advice! I will be praying and will consult with my current Bishop about it. And that is what I worry about, not recognizing as I'm slowly slipping back into depression. I'm working at my roots and my Bishop says that I am making significant progress with it. Everyday I continue to work on it.

And DOG, I was hoping you would reply to this blog :) Thank you for being such an inspiration to me!"
posted at 20:34:56 on December 6, 2011 by iamstrong
from my experience    
"When I was going through some pretty major things, my family ended up moving wards. I found it best to have my old Bishop, my spouse & I met with the new Bishop all together. We had a very good sit down discussion about my situation. It was a huge help with the transition to the new ward."
posted at 11:36:41 on December 10, 2011 by ME

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