Hello! once again
By Teddy
10/23/2011 4:13:31 PM
I haven't been on this site for a long time....and that's not a good thing is it? i'm back to Day 1 good thing is i haven't quit but quitting doesn't scare me i know i will never give up but i fear i'm just going to keep on going back to day 1 until i die! i feel really bad kinda of sicken by myself things have been going great today...i always ruin it :(

i wish i could just go back in the past you know and not do any of this at all....i'm waiting to go at least a little bit of while sober before i go talk to my bishop so i can give him some good news you know..? i need prayer brothers and sisters i need you to ask god if he can forgive me if he can help me so i can stop doing this...i already did but to tell you the truth i don't feel better i feel nauseous i feel like throwing up i don't know why i keep doing this!!! it makes me angry and sad at the same time please ask him to give me a hand and to help me....please i don't wan't to be that negative i just know good things don't await me i believe in karma.


Part of the process    
"Never stop doing your daily reading from the book of Mormon. It will give you power. Start keeping a private journal of the things that lead up to you acting out. Even a surprise attack of a porno image can trigger relapse. Usually, it is a thought that starts the process, followed by an image, followed by arousal, more imagery and then self stimulation and gratification. So, keep a journal and discover your pattern. Then take action, call for help, pray, call a friend or a sponsor who is strong in recovery, read your scriptures, go to meetings, work on a hobby, go home teaching, FIND A WAY TO TRANSFORM ALL OF THIS SEXUAL ENERGY INTO SOMETHING ELSE - something that brings you closer to Heavenly Father and to the fulfillment of your unique mission here on earth."
posted at 23:41:25 on October 23, 2011 by 3R's
pretty great    
"those are all pretty great ideas...i'll actually try some of those thing starting with prayer(i usually always do),reading scriptures(don't do this much),and a hobby(maybe some excercise or sports) yeah and a journal thanks alot 3R's in some good news i'm feeling better and i'm 4 days sober :D"
posted at 19:24:09 on October 27, 2011 by Teddy

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