I almost forgot
By soberfocus
9/22/2011 9:07:58 AM
I have had a huge degree of stress and misplaced feelings from work lately. I almost forgot my resource here at LDSAR. I am writing only briefly that the I am praying for those who are targeting me. I have gotten careless and have a couple people focusing on me as a target for their agression. I am fearful until I pray or talk with those I trust. I am really good at what I do at work, I know that it intimidates others because there is evidence. They then engage me and if my EGO "edging God out" is not in check I can be defensive. I am attempting to forgive and pray for those who do not have mine or my families best interest at hand. I am attempting to rise above. I am physically sick and cannot take sick days so I am taking great care to rest and to get the kids to bed early so I can retire early. I am feeling like I am building back strength physicially and emotionally. I am praying to not fall into angry paterns that display around my beloved family. I desire and hope to give my kids the best upbringing they don't deserve and angry father. Please Lord remove my vice of anger and leave me with your Peace this day. Name of Jesus Christ AMEN.


What a beautiful prayer    
"This makes me remember how vigilant I need to be over everything. The small triggers lead to bigger ones and you are staying alert to the warnings. Good for you!"
posted at 14:55:17 on September 22, 2011 by maddy

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