Day 1
By Porojukaha
9/14/2011 12:58:49 AM
The blue box was oddly comforting.

Dad had been telling me for several weeks to begin going to a 12 step.

At first, I was around 90 days since relapsing and I thought I was cured, so I ignored him. He didn't even know if I had a problem, he was just telling me because he believes that everyone in the church should attend 12 step. I believed that the only reason I had gotten in to LDSBC was because I was pure, why did I need to waste my time on that?

But then I relapsed once. Two weeks later I relapsed again.
Several occurences later I find myself having had problems three times in two days.

Its time to take his advice I think. I wish I had gone earlier, this might have been prevented.

So here I am, Day 1.

Anyone know of a 12 step near LDSBC?


"Click on LINKS above and go to Family Services, then scroll down to , support group meetings. You should be able to find what meetings are available in your area.

A great book is He Did Deliver Me From Bondage.

Seek knowledge understanding, recovery, and most of all, pray, pray, pray!"
posted at 09:54:05 on September 14, 2011 by Hero
"SAA meetings are sometimes more readily available."
posted at 09:55:41 on September 14, 2011 by Hero

Soo glad you found this site.

Might I suggest reading the posts from people like Ruggaexpat, Hurtallover, Theyspeak, Chefdalet, 3 r's. and Paul. We have not seen Paul on here for a long time. I Pray for him as he was facing very bad news regarding possible cancer.

I mentioned the above men because they have done it right. Some of them have even been excommunicated. I have more respect for them because they chose their families over their addiction. I know it is hard and I know they struggle, but they are real men and you can learn alot from their words. I know there are others on here as well, but their names slip my mind at this time."
posted at 17:36:21 on September 14, 2011 by Anonymous
Vancouver Phone #    

Go to and click on addiction recovery. Embrace step 1 and move on thru the steps. You do not need your Bishop to recommend your attendance. By step 5 and 6 you will be talking to him and will be better prepared to be totally honest with him and the Lord."
posted at 23:05:00 on September 14, 2011 by 3R's

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