There is no incurable disease only incurable people
By Herbalist
9/11/2011 4:49:30 PM
Greetings; I have joined this Blog because I believe their is a way of healing, but it isn't popular because it hasn't been study enough and we have our addiction, not in drugs per-say but who we put our trust in, we follow tradition (Doctors), if it was good enough for my folks it is good enough for me, I was brought up under their care. There are two things I would like to bring to your mind. 1. Are the Scriptures true? If so, what do they tell us about Coffee and tea? Does not your drugs that you are all taken worse on the body and their side effects? Coffee and tea, tobacco can't hold a candle to your drugs, matter of thought, they are still in primary in comparison. Interesting to note that if a Doctor prescribes it, it is justified, how that happened I still haven't figured out. But you have to except that, coming from an Herbalist. And (2) In the D&C 42:43 "And whosoever among you are sick, and have not faith to be healed, but believe, shall be nourished with all tenderness, WITH HERBS and mild food, and that not by the hand of an enemy." Now how can you use herbs if you don't study them, for if you study the herbs of the field it would unlock the hidden mysteries to your aliments. Even in the 89 section the Lord teaches you to use (10) wholesome herbs and (11) every herb in the season thereof" I suggest that you become familiar with the way God set it up with Joseph who was an Herbalist. God said; and have not faith to be healed.. showing that he knew we would waiver in faith so he prepared a way for our healing, until we gained perfect faith. You can't use herbs unless you study them, the body is the great healer if you give it what it needs and it isn't drugs. Herbalist


posted at 17:50:33 on September 11, 2011 by Anonymous
Okay, Double Hmmmmm    
"So are you saying that healing from Porn addiction can be cured with herbs. Never even thunk it

Do herbs work for people who cannot use proper English?, or is that one exempt? I hear the study of proper English will cure all grammar errors.

I think another blog, say a herb blog might be a better forum for your genre."
posted at 18:39:23 on September 11, 2011 by Anonymous
Not sure what your are saying    
"But I guess that anything can help. I personally believe in drugs and herbs. Whatever works. I also think that drugs are given out too easily. It has been said that some of the GA's use drugs perscribed by the Doctor.

Personal choice, but remember herbs are drugs and can harm your body if not used properly.

Eating well and the use of herbs is a good idea eitherway."
posted at 18:49:35 on September 11, 2011 by Anonymous
"The guy stated first up that he wants to use this community as a tool for healing.
That says enough, let him think, feel and do what he wants when he wants.

Who knows what herb he intakes, but that is his choice.

Please under your hidden name, don't ridicule, belittle and put yourself above Herb guy with that sarcasm that you think is so fantastically funny.

It is nothing but disrespectful!

Welcome Herb, you have found a great tool for healing.

It has blessed my life in miraculous ways."
posted at 21:49:17 on September 11, 2011 by ruggaexpat
Anon 2, Not everybody is english    
"Do you know that the church is worldwide???? Do you know that the internet is a great tool to connect and get help. I am writing from Europe and am french!!!! I was excited to find this lds forum. Because there is not a lot of lds help with this problem in my country. I feel at home in this lds web community, among brothers. And am disappointed that you would have so little tolerance for spelling mistakes from someone who is obviously not english but speaks well enough to communicate. People come here to connect and get help, love and tolerance. Please apply simple rules of respect. I am not herbalist and will leave my post anonymous because there are not very many lds here and I have revealed a lot of details of my life under the name I use here and I want to protect the privacy of my family.
By the way herbalist if you have anything to share that could help, please do so."
posted at 22:06:25 on September 11, 2011 by Anonymous
Anon 4    
"I'm anon 2

I was wrong and in a wrong place and I am sorry to you and herbalist. Everyone is welcome and I repent from my remarks. Today is a day of slips and that was one of many. Please forgive my stupid remarks."
posted at 23:32:37 on September 11, 2011 by Anonymous
I'm glad you did anon 2    
"This is anon 4 and we all make mystakes, it takes a man with a humble heart to readily aknowledge it like you did. I appreciate it !!! Thanks again for being a good man."
posted at 21:03:47 on September 12, 2011 by Anonymous
Magic Pill?    
"I agree with herbalist. I think that far too many people rely on drugs when they don't have to, but I have to say that there are certainly exceptions when drugs are needed. I believe that the official stance of the church is that we should listen to physicians when it comes to matters like this, but I have no references to back that up.

Anyways, I've been taking Bulgarian Tribulus every day, and it has honestly helped. It's relatively cheap as far as herbal supplements go. Tribulus acts as a natural steroid and helps raise testosterone. It makes my prostate ache less, and virtually eliminates my urges to masturbate. It also makes me feel twice as much energy throughout the day and in the gym. Strangely enough, it also makes me think about solid relationships with real women more and fake fantasies about porn less.

I hope this helps someone, and I am glad to see that anon 2 apologized. I hope you come back, Herbalist. I love that scripture you quoted. It's one of my favorites."
posted at 17:47:50 on September 13, 2011 by ETTE
"Nuff said"
posted at 00:52:42 on September 14, 2011 by Porojukaha

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