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By jblackb
9/1/2011 4:58:21 PM
Hello, I think I need some counseling to sort out my addiction issues. My friend found a website online that provides online pornography addiction counseling specifically for LDS. What do you guys think? I would love to get your feedback.

The site is



Don't know anything about that one    
"Many on this site have used Dr. Douglas weiss. He is a cristian man who had helped many addicts and their spouses through recovery"
posted at 05:04:39 on September 2, 2011 by Anonymous

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"My brethren who are caught in this addiction or troubled by this temptation, there is a way. Don’t accommodate any degree of temptation. Prevent sin and avoid having to deal with its inevitable destruction. So, turn it off! Look away! Avoid it at all costs. Direct your thoughts in wholesome paths. Please heed these warnings. Let us all improve our personal behavior and redouble our efforts to protect our loved ones and our environment from the onslaught of ography that threatens our spirituality, our marriages, and our children. "

— Dallin H. Oaks

General Conference, April 2005