Give yourself a high-five!
By Braingeek
8/24/2011 2:28:38 PM
I just wrote a post, but I really thought of something. Addiction works by reinforcing an act that is somehow rewarding to us. You do it because while doing it, it feels good, relieves stress, etc. The problem is that usually, when you succeed at abstaining, that is does not reward your body and you don't get the same rush. Imagine if abstaining was rewarding to you! You might even get addicted to bring morally clean! :)

Why do we not celebrate our successes more?! Even if all you do is have a good day, or if you close the browser as soon as you saw somehing bad, or anything. Sure, we're not at the point we want to be, but we are still pointing in the right direction. Don't be afraid to high-five yourself and say "Dude, good job there." give yourself a little fist-pump and go "Yes! I did it." If we are taking our addiction one day at a time, we should celebrate every little success we have.

Remember, where you are currently walking doesn't matter near as much as where you are going.


Actually -- in my opinion addiction medicates pain    
"Everytime Im tempted to mb or act out, if I look/feel close enough there are some negative emotions floating around -- anxiety about work, boredom (anxiety about doing nothing) etc."
posted at 15:08:21 on August 24, 2011 by hurtallover
Because pride is the enemy to recovery.    
Unfortunately, human beings are not as simple as rats. When the wave of behavioral discoveries hit the 20th century, scientists assumed it would translate to human beings. It did not. Reinforcement works beautifully for many negative behaviors but has shown little success when it comes to addictions and emotional disorders.

We have a word for the good kind of pride in recovery-"gratitude". We don't reward ourselves for doing something we should have been doing all along. We have found that we end up doing things for the wrong reasons and many of us go overboard with the rewards and self-congratulations. After all, if we are doing this recovery thing right... it is not "us" that has done anything-It is Heavenly Father. There is not much reason to be proud of something as sacred as Grace. So we are Grateful.

Keep up the studies! We need good scientists/counselors/psychologists/therapists!"
posted at 15:33:25 on August 24, 2011 by Anonymous
Interesting Anonymous    
"At first I was thinking that your thoughts didn't make sense as it's good to be happy about success against this addiction. I think it has to do w/ my ADHD skimming and dyslexia stuff. lol Anyway, I reread it a few times and realized that you are right. Sex Addiction acts are something that should have been avoided to begin with.

HOWEVER, I do feel that we need to take that negative talk that HurtAllOver was talking about, and replace it with positive things. Any of the garbage that we have built up in different life situations should be worked out (which includes changing negative thoughts to positive) and then removed - taken to our Savior."
posted at 17:02:31 on August 24, 2011 by confidence
oops -- didnt mean my post to be negative    
"really didnt. I can see how it would appear that way.. Sorry. I was on a tangent thinking about how for me, I need to always be mindful of negative emotions creeping up. Yes -- we do need to replace them with better stuff..

I aslo beleive that we do need to celebrate our successes and milestones for sure..

good luck braingeek. Everyone needs all the support they can give and get.

hurt out."
posted at 21:51:01 on August 24, 2011 by Hurtallover
Yeah, and Amen.    
"I like your post. No, I am not Pavlov's dog. I acknowledge my sexuality. God made me to have biological drives that are Divine in nature but can easily be subverted to evil and destructive purposes. If I am in recovery from Sexual Addiction and Lustful Thoughts that does not mean that I am released from Sexual Desires which my Father in Heaven Gave me. I can pat my self on the back when I turn my back on Internet Porn, on lustful thoughts triggered by women of low self esteem who base their self worth on how sexy they are. I give myself a "High Five" when I can view a woman as a daughter of Heavenly Father who's worth is as precious to him as my own daughter is to me.

I will bask in this "Recovery Identity" that my Father in Heaven has given me. IT FEELS GOOD! IT FEELS GREAT! Like the words of that country song "I like it, I love it, I want some more of it" Thank You Heavenly Father for the Divine Gift of Celestial Human Intimacy and a Love for Thee and for all of Thy children."
posted at 11:11:10 on August 28, 2011 by 3R's

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"Jesus rejected temptation. When confronted by the great tempter himself, Jesus "[yielded] not to the temptation‚ÄĚ. He countered with scripture. Gospel commandments and standards are our protection also, and like the Savior, we may draw strength from the scriptures to resist temptation."

— D. Todd Christofferson

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