Unrelenting thorns
By Leo
8/23/2011 7:15:30 PM
A few months ago I took part in a land navigation course. This is where I had to navigate through a forest with a few dirt roads using only a map and compass. At the beginning I took some time to plot the best route through the course. If I stuck to the roads it would be about 2.5 miles to my next point. If I cut through the forest it would be about 1 mile. Being tired and anxious to be done I decided to cut through the forest. I was confident I would get where I need to go as fast as possible. After about 20 minutes of walking through the forest I came to a clearing with low lying brush about 100 yards wide. My path took me straight through it. I did not even consider going around it, because it would take longer. Each step into it I noticed more and more thorn bushes. I saw multiple paths from people who went before me, so I chose one and followed it. Time and time again I would get to a dead end where the thorn bushes were so thick I could not go forward any more. Again I chose another path and reached the same conclusion. After about 45 minutes, with many cuts from the thorns I back tracked and went around the area. This took me double the time and I wasted a large amount of energy struggling through the thorn bushes.

Thinking about it now I realized how this is so similar to my life. How often do we see short cuts or want to follow other people supposedly on the easier route. Eventually we figure out sticking to the roads, the known, tried and tested routes will get us to our destination safely. For most of my life I have been determined to do things on my own. I wanted to figure out how to overcome whatever it may be and not rely on other people. For the most part this has worked and I have learned a lot. There is a time in life when we have to let go of our pride and realize that we are nothing without God. His way is the best way and we need Him to get through life. The last few days each night and morning I have been praying and focusing more on seeking out Heavenly Father's way through the trials I am facing. His path is so much better. The thorns that beat me down were unrelenting. From a ways away it looked to be the easy way. How many times does it take until we will turn to our Maker and follow him no matter what. It has taken me many times, but luckily He is more patient than I am. Humbly when we submit to Gods will, we will see how great the journey of life can be.


"Amazing comparison. Very applicable to me. Thank you."
posted at 23:12:17 on August 23, 2011 by blindman
Great Post!    
"I really enjoyed reading your post tonight. So many times in my own life I get stubborn and think I'm more of a man to do it 'my' way rather than going the tested route or asking for assistance. I struggle with that so much, but am realizing more and more that that is the only way through all of this now. Thank you for your wisdom!"
posted at 20:23:14 on August 24, 2011 by Anonymous
Loved this post    
"Thank you. I learn well through analogy and I really feel the power and wisdom in this. Thanks for sharing."
posted at 07:42:38 on August 25, 2011 by maddy

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