Question about getting a sponsor
By asdfjkl1234
8/20/2011 1:06:23 PM
Hey all,

Just wanted your thoughts about sponsors. My bishop told me that I need to get a sponsor that I can turn to in time of need. I don't know who that would be. I don't think it will work if my wife is the sponsor. I have talked with my dad about it, but I don't know if I feel comfortable calling him at 11:00 at night and telling him that I am having a terrible craving for porn. So who do I ask to be a sponsor?



"I would choose someone of the same gender who has successfully worked all 12 Steps, in order, who has a sponsor-themselves, who has a considerable amount of clean time under their belt, and who exemplifies the 12 Step Program in action.

No a wife, or father won't work."
posted at 13:31:50 on August 20, 2011 by Anonymous

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"Are you battling a demon of addiction—tobacco or drugs, or the pernicious contemporary plague of ography? Whatever other steps you may need to take to resolve these concerns, come first to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Trust in heaven’s promises. In that regard Alma's testimony is my testimony: "I do know," he says, "that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions."

— Jeffrey R. Holland

General Conference, April 2006