By Joshua
7/27/2011 11:38:56 PM
how do I forgive myself?

how do u handle withdrawal symptoms?


"Josh- it took a long time for me to be able to forgive myself, for my actions towards others and myself. I have hurt so many indirectly through my years of addiction. What has helped me is as I have worked through issues from my past and have been able to release the emotional energy that has been pent up for years, I have been able to forgive or 'let go' and move on. I use the word forgive in an non-traditional sense, meaning more along the lines of I am letting go so I can quit being trapped by the events of the past. The past will not change why hang on to it. Do I agree with everything that happened? NO. Have I invited the people who hurt me back into my life fully? NO. What has happened is I feel more free now than I have in years. I have let go. As I have let go from the past, I see I to need to let go concerning myself.

The first two weeks are always the hardest for me. I have to keep a tight structured routine (prayer, scriptures, ARP meetings, work, church, social activities, etc) and have something planned each night. I also cannot have the computer by myself, especially at night. Since this is such a physical addiction, some type of physical release is necessary, running, playing sports, yoga, walking, etc. I also needed daily accountability--my Bishop was who I emailed daily.

Hope this helps. Recovery is worth it!"
posted at 23:36:51 on July 28, 2011 by rachp

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