By jc004
7/15/2011 9:42:12 AM
Nothing, except the Savior, has helped my recovery more than reading recovery books. I think the reason for this is the most critical piece to recovery is our MOTIVATION for recovery. Often we are caught in ambivalence--coexisting feelings that conflict--a desire for recovery and a desire to continue our addiction. Even thought we think we want recovery, subconsciously we aren't 100% motivated and our ambivalence is stronger. The Lord can only help us if we want it--he won't bypass our desire and agency. It can be hard to give up something that has given us escape from emotional turmoil, stress, loneliness, etc. But eventually, the pain and consequences of the addiction exceeds the benefits we THINK we receive from it.

The book "The Porn Trap" by Wendy and Larry Maltz has helped me more than any book in the area of desire and motivation. I've read "He Restoreth My Soul," "Confroning Pornography," and others, all of which were excellent, but The Porn Trap was different. It helped my motivation the most. It focused on the part I need to do--desire. The Lord won't force me to change--I have to want it.

Wendy and Larry Maltz are therapists in Eugene Oregon and interviewed around 100 recovered/recovering addicts to pornography. There stories are throughout the book and are concise enough to make them powerful. Anyway, if you're interested, I highly recommend it. I picked it up again the other day and it gave me a boost I needed.

I'm nearly at 5 months of recovery and sobriety and looking forward to complete healing. Here's a link to the book: />
God bless you all in your healing.


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"If it were possible to make your road very easy, you wouldn’t grow in strength. If you were always forgiven for every mistake without effort on your part, you would never receive the blessings of repentance. If everything were done for you, you wouldn’t learn how to work, or gain self-confidence, or acquire the power to change. "

— Richard G. Scott

General Conference May 1990