From Division to New Beginnings - I hope
By ruggaexpat
7/14/2011 12:00:26 PM
I prepared a lesson for the high priests during the week and thought all was well and I was going to prepare it (Lesson 37) on The family. After PEC before sacrament meeting I had a reread over the material and a phrase just caught my eye and I had an AH HA moment with the spirit.

The manual taught that Satan's goal is to divide the family. That word divide just seemed so important and so I started really pondering about the significance about it. I then had a ton of thoughts connecting the idea of division to family and society.

In sum the Lord was teaching me how Satan does not destroy the marriage but how WE ourselves destroy it. He really took accountability to a new level in my mind. Satan does not destroy my family or community, I do!

He wants me to think that he is the one destroying the family but how can he, he is not the one talking, acting, I am. So no he does not destroy my family, I do by the wrong choices I make.

Satan has one main strategy with each of us - Division of the family
If he can get us to divide the family - He can eventually get a society divide itself. Same plan works for him all the time and has before the world began.

The beginning of the Jaredite fall was the division of a father and a son (Coriantum) when they were in the promised land.

Lehi struggled with division between the same.

In 4th Nephi the Love of God blessed the society so much until 200 years passed and division between classes ended that common bond of love. It was downwards from there.

Adam and Cain same story.

If Satan can influence us to contend, we will be divided and if we are divided WE can destroy our families.

We need the love of God to Unify our homes and if we can be unified - well happiness.

How does addiction fall into all these thoughts on family:

My opinion based on the wedge placed in a tree. This example was originally used as an illustration for how holding ill feelings affects relationships - It is a wedge we as addicts place between us and our loved ones in our lives. Often done at early stages before or early beginnings of our marriages. The wedge is not big, it is small, designed to separate the main branches of a young plant.

As the tree grows around the wedge, the tree takes on a deviating and abnormal growth pattern around the wedge. The 2 main branches are eternally separated although they are still part of the same plant.

The only solution to get that tree back to normal is to cut down the tree to the early beginnings where the wedge is located, remove it and start all over. There are no quick fixes to the damage. Then for me as an addict I sit back and wonder what the hell I was thinking for all those many years where my tree should be a gorgeous OAK. No it is a stump with a few very young green shoots but hey no wedge so just got to be patient and take care of it.

So don't know about you but the goal now is to end the division, healthy compromises and new starts.


To divide; to separate    
"After reading this my thoughts instantly turned to the scriptures that say that separation or being divided away from God is Spiritual death. To be divided from Him is the ultimate state of lack being Whole as well as Holy.

Thanks for the blog-thoughts. :)"
posted at 18:34:21 on July 14, 2011 by maddy
I like this!    
"I will pray for your division to end. It is summer a good time for things to grow! :) Thank you for sharing your recovery! You make my heart smile!"
posted at 19:00:44 on July 14, 2011 by Hero
If there is an opposition in all things...    
"Then Satan works to divide the whole (one) and the Lord works to make us whole (one).

One in heart, one in mind, one in spirit, one in purpose.

And who said math is a waste of time?"
posted at 11:32:21 on July 15, 2011 by ruggaexpat

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