My Prayer
By maddy
6/24/2011 12:00:46 PM
This was written as part of an experience as I have been seeking direction in my role as the wife of an addict and what I should be doing. For me, in some small way, it is not just a poem about became a prayer itself. It is not edited so it is still in it's raw form.


I softly raise my hands to Heaven
Calling on my tender God
Seeking words of strength and wisdom
Reaching for the Iron Rod

I meekly seek for His assistance
A portion of His endless power
For I am weak, lest He sustains me
Granting me peace hour by hour

Fallen, I know that I am undeserving
Yet hopeful still, I call His name
For he is Mercy, and unchanging
And God Almighty is His name

Hold me, please, my Gentle Savior
I shall falter without your hand
For winds and waves now surround me
But on your rock my feet will stand

I thank thee for the gift of communion
That I may speak and you will hear
I thank thee for thy complete redemption
That brings me hope in a world of fear

Whispering at all times, "I need you"
These prayers are constant in my mind
Fearful that my thoughts should leave you
And on my own, myself I'd find

Comfort please in all my longing
For I find myself in a Gethsemane
Captive to my pain and grieving
I turn to you to set me free

Let your answers descend from heaven
Let me hear your guiding voice
Then grant me courage to do thy bidding
To fulfill thy will is my privileged choice

I know the labors that you may ask me
May test me to my very core
But I shall humbly live your commandments
And seek thee Savior, evermore

I will lift my cross and follow
Always, Always where you lead
For in suffering I come to know you
In tribulation you fill my need

Raise this prayer on angels wings
And set before His matchless eyes
Lord, I praise you. God is Holy.
Sanctify these prayerful cries

My heart is broken, soft and yielding
To thy direction I'll mold my soul
Master, I am yours for changing
With faith I know you'll make me whole


I weep!    
"Thank you Maddy!"
posted at 16:09:14 on June 24, 2011 by Hero
Very Grateful    
"This poem is what it is all about. This prayer is inspired. Thank You Maddy."
posted at 23:05:26 on June 24, 2011 by 3R's
"Thank you for sharing something that must be pretty personal and special to you. It will inspire many others as it has myself. Thank you thank you!!"
posted at 01:23:03 on August 3, 2011 by Faith21

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