Back to school
By sophie
8/24/2006 12:00:00 AM
Yesterday was Te's first night of school. He came home from work, ate dinner with us and left. He got home late. This is going to be a rough 2 years. He's gone again tonight, but today he came home from work a little earlier and had a nap while I sat with him on the couch. He had eaten a really late lunch with his boss at work so he wasn't hungry. He left while the kids and I were eating dinner. He cooked for us though. I feel bad about whining to him about how lousy I feel, but he's been really good about it. It's his pregnancy too I guess, share the misery. :)

Right now the kids are in the bath because while I wasn't watching, they spread ketchup all over themselves (which I'll admit is funny, but less so when you are the one that has to clean it up and your sense of smell is magnified 1000 times and ketchup smells really nasty- but it's my fault...I should never have left them alone with the jumbo ketchup bottle).

The kids go to bed pretty early, so we really only have another hour or so until bedtime, this might be a long bath.

Te said he had a good day at work today. A few minor thoughts, but nothing that was difficult for him to move past. He was pretty busy all day, which always helps.

He said that the way his classes are organized, he doesn't have a chance to get into trouble on the internet, so that's good. I was a little concerned about that, which is why we have the spectorsoft program on his laptop.

Another good day.


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