The worst Day of my life!!!
By summer
5/27/2011 5:13:52 PM
Thought I already had that one covered. Well I got a major wake up call. I don't want to give too much information...I really can't relive that day again. I don't feel I can talk about it or even write about it. But I will say this...I thought I lost my husband...I thought he passed away. Just typing that makes me sick!
Going through my head was all the regret I had. Could I have made this work? Could we have actually been an eternal family IF I would find a way to love him again? Guys and Gals...I don't know how the crud it happened...but I can't live without him. I really and truly can't!
I would never never wish that experience on another human being.
As a loved one of an addict that has hurt me a ridiculous amount...I love him. I do. I need him.
I will work on this.
For the moment I'm not thinking of all the wrong in my life...I'm just so grateful that he is alive. Counting my blessings that I was given another chance.
I don't have much life is INSANE right now! But I wanted to write my friends...especially my loved one friends. If you loved him/her's in there somewhere. I don't know if the pain of my husband’s addiction is just being eclipsed by this new pain I felt. But all I know is that the pain of wondering IF I could have had this work was much much worse.
I love you all!


"I don't know you yet Summer, but hope, hope, hope that you are ok and your husband is safe!!"
posted at 19:27:13 on May 27, 2011 by maddy
Our Hearts and Our Prayers    
"I am so glad you were given a second chance. This world turns so fast, life slaps us in the face and reality wakes us up so abruptly, sometimes too late! I am grateful your husband survived. I find it touching and incredible that at a time like this you would still thin of those who are suffering and reach out to them!

You have been a great strength to so many of us on this site. I wish we could be there for you! Our hearts and our prayers are with you and your husband! May God keep you and bless you!"
posted at 23:44:29 on May 27, 2011 by 30years
I am praying for you    
"Sister Summer.

I have not been on here for a while and happened to read what you wrote about your husband. I think about this everyday and have since we really started working full time on my codependence and my husband's addiction well over a year ago.

This has to date been one of the hardest things we have endured as a family. Yet I always ask the question, "what if I lost him"? " what if he died when we were in the middle of this very painful, yet lifechanging experience?".

Now it seems as if you have had to possibily live out that nightmare I think of more than I should. It is a wakeup call for us all and I want o thank you for sharing your private and intense experience with us.

Please know that you willl be in my prayers, as will your hubby. You deserve his choicest blessings for you have endured much together and deserve more time to get through it all.

My love goes out to you in prayer."
posted at 02:36:48 on May 29, 2011 by Anonymous

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