By ruggaexpat
5/25/2011 10:20:20 PM
I will forever be greatful to you for the time and mindfulness you have showed in setting up this site for many including myself.

I have healed a lot since coming here, I found this site right after C-DAY and it was invaluable in helping me through some seriously harsh times.

I do not come here as often but when I do it serves as a good reminder in addition to the ARP meetings every week of where I have come from.

God Bless you Brother


It's an honor    
"Thank you for your kind words Rugga, they mean a lot to me. I'm grateful that this site can help you a little bit. I'm thankful to Heavenly Father for guiding me through setting this up way back when. It's in need of some serious updating and I'm working on that slowly but surely. I know there are some quirks with it and hopefully we'll get some of those resolved as I have some more time."
posted at 01:22:29 on May 26, 2011 by derek
Thanks DEREK!!!!    
"As of yesterday I have 100 days of sobriety! porn and mb.
and will go to the temple again shortly (after 4 years away) soon.

I consider this site my one of my anchors of recovery. I know I can always come here and vent, seek answers in a safe, confidential way... what an amazing blessing it is to me!

Thanks definitely goes to you Derek!!!!

Motivates me to listen to what God wants me to do to help participate in helping others."
posted at 23:43:12 on May 26, 2011 by gracefull
Yes, thank you    
"Really. This site has been wonderful for me. It's like a portable AR meeting. I can take it anywhere and it's there whenever I need it.

Thank you Derek. This has been a tool for good and you've blessed countless lives. I know God will bless you for your time and effort."
posted at 10:24:53 on May 27, 2011 by iwillnot

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— Russell M. Nelson

General Conference, October 1988