Changing my life
By Another_Dad
5/19/2011 3:08:39 AM
Start weight: 266.0 pounds
Current weight: 236.7 pounds

MY GOAL: 174 pounds or 78.9 kilos

Currently loss: 29.3 pounds or 13.2 kilos.
Time taken: Twelve weeks.

I can fit into my clothes! I am still seeing a personal trainer. This past week I went on no carbs for the week. It's been an education and a challenge but I am sticking to it."posted at 04:30:56 on March 18, 2011 by Another_Dad

Since March I have learned more about nutrition and learned how to eat better. I have continued with my trainer (even though he was out of action for six weeks?) We picked up were we left off this week. I am in a routine for eating and exercising. I don't eat take away anymore unless absolutely necessary. In that case I eat a healthy 6 inch WAGYU roll from Subway stuffed with salad.

Food is fuel take the emotion out of eating.

I have aspirations to become a personal trainer, qualify in massage and move into the fitness industry.


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