I hate the weekends....
By Fa'amoemoe
5/15/2011 9:14:09 PM
Yeah, I know. You're probably thinking right now,

"What?! How can someone hate the weekend?! This kid is insane!"

You're right, I am insane. But that's another story entirely.

The reason I hate the weekend, is because I'm always tempted the most during that time period. My senior year is coming to an end, and I have lots of homework to do. This usually means that I'm by myself a lot of the time, with only my thoughts to keep me company. WHICH IS A VERY BAD THING!

I can't concentrate because I am being bombarded with temptations. I'm doing my best to keep fighting them but I am exhausted, and I'm afraid that I will fall.

What can I do? I can't stop thinking about it. I've tried having people around me when I study, but it doesn't seem to help much.

I just want it to stop.


"Maybe you could try studying somewhere in public, but that's still quiet, like a library. It's pretty hard to get away from your own thoughts, I know, so I guess the only other option would be to take yourself away from the place that would allow you to give in to your temptations. Don't stress over it too much. That'll only make it worse. Focus on finishing up high school (congrats on that, btw). You can do it."
posted at 23:38:01 on May 15, 2011 by Zero
Keep Busy    
"The most important weapon I have found to fight the devil's temptations is just to keep busy. When I am at home alone or just sitting around doing nothing, I can't fight them too well. But when I am with others or working or serving all day, and I lie down that night and analyze my day, I realize I am clean because I had no spare time whatsoever. Keep busy. Good luck, and may God bless."
posted at 19:30:24 on May 18, 2011 by Seminarykid
An Alternative idea    
"use your temptations to your advantage

Everytime you get tempted
stop... drop and roll

here's what I mean

there is a book "Feelings buried alive never die"
sure.. you migth be getting tempted... but it might just be your god-given feelings as well

let me explain...

for years... I didn't eat right...t his affected my mood... this affected how I felt and my thoughts... as soon I started eating much more healthier.. I started having less "Bad thoughts" - simple but TRUE

also... you genuinely have innate needs to connect to other people and love other people... I didn't have many friends through high school... and I tried to tell myself that relationships didn't matter.... the temptation to look at porn.. was actually a GOOD DESIRE but twisted that I had. so... I've been learning to become more close to other people ( and those temptations have gone way down as well)

not sure if I'm making sense...
All in all.. Sex is a good thing.. but the devil just likes to twist it... use your temptations to share your LOVE with the world... call people up and tell them you love them.. everytime you get tempted... or something like that...
OR everything you get tempted... fall to your knees and just Give God all the glory for all the wondeful blessings in your life (sounds pollyanna.. but satan hates that type of stuff)"
posted at 21:13:24 on May 18, 2011 by Anonymous
Stop Drop and Roll    
"Stop Drop and Roll is a good phrase. Boredom is my weakness, it always has been.

I am going to college full time and working full time. I have found a system that works for me though. I have to start by reading my scriptures and saying a prayer for strength. I study for an hour, then read a chapter out of a good book I’m reading (I’m reading The Sacketts right now), and then go back to studying for an hour. I continue the pattern until I am finished with all my work. I do the same with studying. After my prayer I type up my notes so I have a good study guide to use. I read a chapter in a book. Then I study my notes all the way through twice. Then I read a chapter. I continue the pattern until I have all the information down. I continue the pattern the next night to get the info into long term memory. I used to get so distracted I got straight Cs in high school and later on in college. This last term I used my weakness to my advantage by creating this pattern. I got straight as in all four classes. I realized I got bored easy and filled my boredom with structure and studying. I also have to do my work as soon as it is assigned, that way I’m not stressed to meet a deadline, and it gave me something to do when I feel week. Now I find I am no longer tempted when I stick to my pattern. It works great.

I’m not saying this pattern will work for you but if you find your weaknesses and make a defensive pattern it becomes automatic.

Good luck my friend!"
posted at 22:03:56 on May 18, 2011 by 30years
Thank you!    
"@Zero: I took you're advice and started studying in my local library. I feel a little out of place because I'm there alone, but what you said makes sense. I just need to remove myself from temptation. Oh, and thanks! I'm almost done with school! Yipee!

@SeminaryKid: I'll try to look for more things to keep me busy! Thanks! Quick question though, what would you recommended me doing? I really have no life, so what should I be doing exactly?

@Anonymous: So, My being tempted, is just my desire to love or be loved, but its just twisted by Satan? I guess that makes sense. I grew up a loner, never really had that many friends in grade school, so I can see where that would come from. Thank you! I definitely have to read that book.

@30 years: Boredom is my weakness as well. It's a very interesting routine you've got there. I'll try it. Although, it's been a long time since I've read anything seriously. Any good books I should look in to?

@All: Thank you for your words of encouragement and your advice! I'll try my best! God bless all of you! :D"
posted at 21:01:26 on May 21, 2011 by Fa'amoemoe
"Good for you, Fa'amoemoe! I'm glad I could help. I feel I can relate to you in a lot of ways. I grew up a loner too and find that when I get bored is the best time for temptation to hit. It's hard and I don't know if I'll ever win. All I can even do right now is pick myself up, as weak as I am, and keep on moving forward. I think the only thing that's really ever helped me to fend off temptation when it hits is doing something to distract myself. Reading, writing, even playing video games. It's usually better if it's something I don't have to put too much effort into because that way it's easier to get into it, which makes video games kind of perfect. I know they're not the best alternative, but they have worked for me in the past. Find your own distraction and see if it helps next time you get tempted. And, oh yeah, you rock, brother!"
posted at 20:23:08 on May 22, 2011 by Zero
"Choose what you like, but try to stay away from sexual or crude material. In the last year I have read several classics, Uncle Tom’s cabin, There once was a slave, The Lonesome Gods; I have also read kids books like Rangers apprentice series. I have read books my wife likes, I even had a friend who found out why I read so much and she got me two clean Steven king novels, the eye of the dragon being my favorite. I love Lois Lamoure books and sci-fi books. I have also read church books about addiction but I treat those like study books. I read about a book a week. I find many on eBay, and at garage sales. The key is to find something uplifting to do that keeps your mind occupied when you know you are week. We spend all our time filling our lives with stimulation. Our minds crave it. That’s why we are so susceptible to addiction. Why not change that pattern to something uplifting and fulfilling. The thing I found was books. Some people learn a skill, like knitting (Don’t laugh to hard, it’s true!). Others take up a sport. I did for a while to. I was doing pushups and sit-ups at work when I reading didn’t work. I actually lost some weight doing it and got in shape to. (I need to start that again, I’m getting role poly again). The key is to find something that works for you; to break the cycle and refocus our natural desire to stimulate our minds. We are not naturally idle. We need stimulation, just the good kind instead of the bad! It takes time to do this but in the end it has been a real blessing for me!"
posted at 00:20:25 on May 24, 2011 by 30years

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