day 1, but not square one
By kaybee
5/11/2011 2:26:27 AM
well, im back to day one. ive been on a... well, not quite a binge, but its been going for a few days. looking back as i talked with my bishop tonight, i learned some things about myself and what triggers me. this is a big step because i havent been very good at identifying triggers in the past. often times i come back here and say i have more resolve than before, but thats not the case. im determined but not illusioned. but this time i am smarter and stronger. maybe this will be the final day one, but maybe not. but i am trying. i need to get back to the basics which slipped away about 2 days before i did. i am becoming a better happier person. and i am moving away from this addiction. i get further from it with every sober day. each slip brings me back closer to it. but the good days out weigh the bad ones more and more each day, well, for the most part.

god bless you all. he loves all of us. he wants to see us succeed. sometimes i think there is a bit too much gloom and depression here. be happy. things could awalys be worse, and we can always make things better.


"What a great perspective to have on the whole situation. This could have sent you dwindling down and out of control, yet you have chosen to take control and to learn. This is a very powerful step for you.

HF does love each of us and wants us to be happy. My mom used to always say things could be worse, she was right and so are you. It's all in what we make of what we have."
posted at 07:44:55 on May 11, 2011 by rachp
A Step Forward...    
"Here's one of my philosophies--As long as you're stepping forward, no matter how far ahead or behind you are, you're stepping in the right direction. It's my belief that God has the same perspective. It doesn't matter as much to Him that we're constantly failing. What matters to Him is that we constantly get back up. So long as we are, He'll be there to help us.

You may be back at Day 1, but you've already learned a lot from everything past, it sounds like. So no matter how many Day 1s are in your future, just keep taking that forward step into Day 2."
posted at 01:14:19 on May 12, 2011 by Zero

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General Conference, April 2002