Encouraging words
By rachp
5/4/2011 8:01:28 AM
Doctrine and Covenants 84:49 — And the whole world lieth in sin, and groaneth under darkness and under the bondage of sin.

Doctrine and Covenants 84:50 — And by this you may know they are under the bondage of sin, because they come not unto me.

Doctrine and Covenants 84:51 — For whoso cometh not unto me is under the bondage of sin.

A thought from Easter and of encouragement

After the two speakers spoke beautifully on the atonement and resurrection, my Bishop spoke a few words and he ended with this statement. He asked us to turn to DC 84:49-51 which states:

And the whole aworld lieth in sin, and groaneth underbdarkness and under the cbondage of sin.

And by this you may know they are under the abondage of sin,because they come not unto me.

For whoso cometh not unto me is under the abondage of sin.

Then he followed with this statement, I understand it is difficult to come to a Bishop to talk about the misdeeds you have done in your life. It's hard. Many think we're good friends, I don't want him to know, what will he think of me now? As a Bishop, I will not think less of you if you come to speak with me. I will think more of you for having the strength and courage to humble yourself to lay your burdens at the Savior's feet. Our Savior did not come here to judge us, He came to love and teach us. The same I come to do, to love and teach you. Each time I meet with someone, it is an uplifting experience for both of us. Notice I did not say easy. Uplifting!

INCREDIBLE words of encouragement!


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"Man has a dual nature; one, related to the earthly or animal life; the other, akin to the divine. Whether a man remains satisfied within what we designate the animal world, satisfied with what the animal world will give him, yielding without effort to the whim of his appetites and passions and slipping farther and farther into the realm of indulgence, or whether, through self-mastery, he rises toward intellectual, moral, and spiritual enjoyments depends upon the kind of choice he makes every day, nay, every hour of his life"

— David O. McKay