General Conference
By doanair
10/16/2006 9:51:21 AM
What a great weekend. I was amazing to sit and watch LDS General Conference. There were some great talks.

Saturday night was deja vu for me during the Priesthood session. It was like sitting and watching the Prophet speak two years ago... What he said was forceful, true and sank very deep into my heart. He read a letter from a man stuggling with pornography addiction. The letter could have been written by ME (with a few slight alterations)!!! It made me cry sitting there listening to it because it reminded me of all I have been through. It reminded me of the pain I have caused my wife and myself. It reminded me pornography is evil and disgusting. I am so thankful that a 96 year old man has the courage to stand up in front of millions and call pornography what it is: filth.

Also, yesterday, during the afternoon session, Elder Holland gave an excellent talk as well. It really touched me. I am so grateful for good men like them. They speak with great power and authority. They are good, honest, hard-working men. They are devoted to Jesus Christ and preaching his Gospel. Like E. Holland said, they know the evil we are facing, they understand the problems and issues facing me and my family. I am so grateful for that.

Anyway, listen to it, read it. It was great.


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    — Russell M. Nelson

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