always right after very spiritual day
By kaybee
5/2/2011 2:22:32 AM
why is it that im hit the hardest after a very spiritual day? i mean, it doesnt make sense. i should have more spiritual strength after such a great sunday, not weaker. or maybe i am stonger, i mean i didnt give in. but still, why do i get hit so hard with temptations right after such great days?


i do too....    
"that happens to me a lot i think for the same reason when Joseph smith was kneeling in the woods praying as he begun prayer he felt darkness surrounding him it was Satan trying to overtake him. Satan was trying to overtake him because he knew joseph was doing something great when you or anybody tries to stay right and do good things he attackas you hes angry because he knows you are trying to beat him and while you did resist his temptation congratulations you beat him,well thats my thought."
posted at 10:18:35 on May 2, 2011 by Teddy
It's True!    
"I concur with Teddy. It's when Satan sees that we're heading towards becoming more spiritual that he tries his hardest to nab us. He doesn't have to do much when we're not doing the right things, does he? His work is done! So it stands to reason that he'll try his hardest when we're doing all the right things and heading away from him. That's how you know you're going the right way!!! It's when you're not being tempted that you should worry.

The same thing happens to me so you're not alone. Just remember that we're all rooting for you. Be strong. Win!"
posted at 13:34:08 on May 2, 2011 by Zero

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"Man has a dual nature; one, related to the earthly or animal life; the other, akin to the divine. Whether a man remains satisfied within what we designate the animal world, satisfied with what the animal world will give him, yielding without effort to the whim of his appetites and passions and slipping farther and farther into the realm of indulgence, or whether, through self-mastery, he rises toward intellectual, moral, and spiritual enjoyments depends upon the kind of choice he makes every day, nay, every hour of his life"

— David O. McKay