tough night, tough day
By kaybee
4/29/2011 9:11:54 PM
last night was tough. i had some bad dreams, cant really control that but still. and that led to me almost MB while i was half asleep. then today i started having inappropriate thoughts. didnt MB or look at porn, but i dont know how im going to make it through the next few days, weeks or months (hopefully i get up to months so i can go on my mission). today is day 16. :) thats an achievement for me. its only the second time i have made it past 14 days. my bishop (also a dr.) says that everyones body has cycles of high and low amounts of testosterone and that i have trained my body to peak every two weeks and thats why i have trouble getting past two weeks... so HOPEFULLY my body will calm down a bit in the next couple of days..


Try this.    
"I have struggled with this since I was 8 years old. I would be clean for a while then fall into a cycle of addiction for a long time. The cycle has repeated my entire life. I was able to stay clean while I prepared and my entire mission but fell into the cycle just after my mission. My wife and I read a book a friend recommended. It totally changed my life. For the first time I was able to see my addiction cycle for what it was, and more importantly I could avoid the sin! I am not perfect! I still stumble and fall, but I don’t fall into a cycle that totally overwhelms me anymore.

The book is called, He Restoreth My Soul by Dr Hilton. It might help you to break this cycle while you are still young and single! It gets harder and harder after your mission to change patterns. Children complicate things, and so does a marriage! It would be an amazing blessing to get enough strength and knowledge to learn to control your addiction before you go on a mission. It’s like the armor of god, you have to be constantly vigilant and remember you will always be an addict, but you can learn to control it! If you can your mission will be better

The book is written by a brain surgeon that studied the effects of sexual addiction on the brain. It helped me realize I was going through withdrawal cycles. If I gave in to these cycles they only got worse! Your bishop is correct, but it’s more than just testosterone! Addiction releases the same chemicals into your brain as drug addiction does but it affects more parts of your brain. With time your body can heal and you can recover!

There is hope.

Sorry if I am repeating myself.

My prayers are with you brother!"
posted at 21:42:10 on April 29, 2011 by 30years
Be Strong    
"Why is this such a difficult temptation for us?! I feel your pain, brother. I struggled with inappropriate thoughts today as well and nearly gave up 3 months of freedom from p~rn for a few moments of pleasure. Luckily, I didn't give in. I ran away instead. Kind of literally. I went out for a drive until I felt okay to return home, assured that I wasn't going to give in. If you feel the need, I'd suggest you do the same. Literally run out of the room and outside and wherever! Just run!

16 days is awesome. I still have a hard time with m~sturbation. The last time I gave in was last week so I have a ways to go to overcome that struggle. That's interesting about the testosterone thing. I didn't know that. I think I'm on the same cycle as you, about every two weeks. It's such a pain. Why is it that we want so badly something that only gives us a few fleeting moments of pleasure, yet endless guilt and shame?

But you can do it. Keep going. Be strong. Remember that Jesus used scripture to deflect temptation directly. Find a favorite scripture and recite it every time you're tempted, even if the only thing running through your mind all day is that verse. If you're mind is filled with light, then darkness can't exist in it. Spiritual music really helps me too."
posted at 02:46:08 on April 30, 2011 by Zero
Work on it now... or it will haunt you for the rest of your life.    
"16 days is great. For 20 years, I never made it past 10 days. Keep going. the book that 30years suggested is REALLY good.

I would suggest that if you really want to get rid of this habit, dont just try to abstain for 30-60-90 days whatever...Treat it like an addiction and go after it. that's the only way to fix the problem rather than just abstaining for a period of time -- which wont cure an addiction.

Go to a 12 step meetings program, and do the follow the 12 steps -- which will help you understand why you do it and be honest with yourself.
Get a sponsor and an accountability partner that you can call when you are tempted. Be honest with them - I use my father and a SAA sponsor.
When you start feeling the urges, try to process the feelings thats causing the behavior. Addiction is the way your brain "medicates" against certain types of feelings. I found myself understanding that my triggers were 1. stress caused by procrastinating at work 2. bordem.

may you find peace..."
posted at 20:00:53 on April 30, 2011 by Hurtallover
Hang in There    
"It does get easier the longer you're sober, but then you have to be careful not to get overconfident and let down your guard. I seem to struggle monthly, which may be why I can't seem to get past 4 or 5 weeks. I hope you get enough sobriety to go on your mission. Just keep trying."
posted at 00:42:11 on May 1, 2011 by dstanley

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