conference talks
By kaybee
3/31/2011 3:10:15 PM
IM LIVING ON THEM RIGHT NOW! :) im loving listening to conference talks throughout the day. i work in the evenings, so during the day i have a lot of extra time on my hands, so i listen to them as i fill my time. they help me feel the spirit so much. its only day 3, but i can feel the talks sustaining me thru this, and giving me the extra strength i need. im going to conference this weekend too! it has been said that the living prophets are more important to us than the ancient prophets, and as i listen to conference i understand why. they speak in more plain words, so they are easier to understand. and ancient prophets knew nothing of pornography or drug addictions, so they didnt need to council about them. modern prophets can give more precise and accurate warnings and advice than those of ancient times.


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— James E. Faust

General Conference, April 2002