Starting fresh.
By Another_Dad
3/16/2011 4:44:06 AM
I recently had a hiccup got everything square with Bishop. I went and saw an LDS family services counselor this past week I have another visit planned Monday week. I have been given the task to write a strategy for downtime. Having an addictive personality and having ADHD does not help somethings. I spend to much time playing Wizard 101. It use to be Warcraft, but I have associated so much emotional pain to that game that I would never play it again.

The only reason I started playing this game was my daughter was and she showed me and days later I was hooked. The reason I like the game is it has a level cap you don't go past level 60. I am just about to achieve level 50. Heavenly Father know how much I love playing the game. Well the counselor is doing his thing and help me understand the game has to go. Hence the task to write a strategy for downtime.

Well I wrote it! One thing I am doing to replace the activity is exercise. I have a personal trainer twice a week and I have definitely got fitter. We are working on weight loss at the moment. I have a no carbs week. I feel good about myself I lost 4 kilos then had a bad week last week and put on 1.5 kilos. I have got myself back on track. My starting weight was 119 kilos, I finally back down to 115.6 I am hoping my new weekly weigh in will see me at 113 kilo or lower.

So you can understand:

Start weight: 262.4 pounds
Current weight: 254.9 pounds

morning : 253.5 pounds
(I should be this, have done all the right things.)

MY GOAL: 176 pounds

Loss 86 pounds or 39 kilos.
current loss 8.8 pounds or 4.0 kilos. not bad. I have a long way to go.


Good for you    
"I think it's a great idea to find a more positive outlet for your addiction. I, too, struggle with an addictive personality that has seen me obsessed with everything from video games to porn. I started getting into triathlons and marathons and it helped tremendously. In addition to that physical outlet, I am currently writing a book to provide me a creative outlet. Though I can't say this alone has conquered the addiction for me, it has helped.

Keep us updated on your progress. We're pulling for you."
posted at 12:25:22 on March 16, 2011 by iwillnot
Trust Him Only    
"I need to start over again as well. I am coming to realize that it reallly is just me and the Savior. I put trust in my spouse to help me through my recovery. Promises were made and I thought I had the support I needed. I have been hurt by addiction in one way or another my entire life.

Loving another person is something I can do, but trusting is a whole nother story. When my spouse slipped back into unkindness towards me and my kids, I fell back into old paterns of pain and despair. This pattern was removed for a time from me because I was trusting in the Lord. I must have starting tusting my spouse too much and it placed something that was not real in the place of the Savior.

Time to regroup. I have not been caring for myself as I should, and my health has suffered as a result. I know that I want to live, not be sick, and feel joy. I am praying for the strength to look to him. He hands me miracles, He gives them to me everyday. I do not doubt that he is near me even when I don't feel him near.

I don't really have any hobbies. All I do is care for everyon else. I need something to bring health back ito my life. Maybe I willl get up and walk today. It's a start.

I am wishing you the best of blessings as you start again. Maybe some of those blessings will rub off on those around you.

I need him again and again and he never fails me. I cannot trust anyone and don't know if I ever will, but I can always trust in him. This is his plan for me. Lean on him and him alone."
posted at 17:58:27 on March 16, 2011 by Anonymous
The day after the night before.    
"Well it is 6:45pm Thursday 17th March. I am at the office until 9pm I have focus on not eating carbs for the week. It has been a learning experience and an eye opener. I have stayed true to my nutrition goal. I have been revising how/what/when to warm up before exercising. It was good to stretch at work. I still need to do my hamstrings etc. My trainer dogged me this morning and called training off because he thought it was to wet.

I know I have to hand my strategy in a couple of weeks. I am coming to the realisation that I need to stop playing the game. In my head I want to finish the game before I see the counselor. I found a really awesome resource within the game to help me finish quick. I level last night to level 50, so 10 levels to go. Like I said the levels are capped at 60!

In the last couple of days I went overboard with my game time and my wife let me know a few hours ago via sms. My initial goal is to just play in the morning before going to work, this will halve the time I am playing. Then cut down to three times a week, then two etc. My lack of sleep is obvious.

Yes I relate to what you're saying IWILLNOT I too am creative and I enjoy writing. I have a nack of being very descriptive and detailed. I write poems from time too time. I have contemplated writing a book on the family but I always seem to put it on hold. Music is a wonderful outlet for me. I get into my own little bubble and lock everyone out and have my own concerts. I recently changed my music back to what was appropriate etc.

Good luck to both of you. I know Heavenly Father will bless you with the knowledge of what to do. ANONYMOUS you will not know your hobbies until you try things, find some new and try it do not prejudge."
posted at 03:13:10 on March 17, 2011 by Another_Dad
Weighting In    
"Start weight: 262.4 pounds
Current weight: 250.00 pounds

MY GOAL: 176 pounds

Weight to loose 86 pounds or 39 kilos.

Currently loss 12.34 pounds or 5.6 kilos.
Time taken: three weeks.

I can fit into my clothes! I am still seeing a personal trainer. This past week I went on no carbs for the week. It's been an education and a challenge but I am sticking to it."
posted at 04:30:56 on March 18, 2011 by Another_Dad

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