Return of love
By Smallnsimple
3/4/2011 1:51:40 PM
I had a very rough week. I was so down on myself, so tired and fed up with my weakness. I reluctantly went to my support group last night. Hearing how much my friends in the group suffer made me so sorrowful. The spirit testified to me how much the savior suffers with us. I realized how much I hope for the success of my friends and share in the disappointments and pain of my own weaknesses. It is amazing to know that the savior knowsnthe pain and has then perfect power to guide us through the constant turmoilnof being an addict. A little hope returned to my life yesterday. Also the remembrance of how full of life my life was before I brought on my addictions to life destroying levels. Life is and has been a long dark tunnel of despair, fear, anxiety and hopelessness. It is so powerful to feel a little hope in my life.


"Thanks. I think I needed to read this."
posted at 01:15:12 on March 5, 2011 by C.G.Lent
"is an amazing thing. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Hold on to the hope."
posted at 15:43:34 on March 6, 2011 by dstanley

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"Jesus rejected temptation. When confronted by the great tempter himself, Jesus "[yielded] not to the temptation”. He countered with scripture. Gospel commandments and standards are our protection also, and like the Savior, we may draw strength from the scriptures to resist temptation."

— D. Todd Christofferson

General Conference October 2006