Open Apology
By hubster
2/21/2011 4:59:34 PM
One of my weaknesses is giving in to contention. I have loved to argue and I have loved to crush those I am arguing with until they have no recourse but call names and threaten violence because I have completely shattered their position. I started going down that road on the blog today. I am sorry to all those of you who were subjected to seeing my antics and especially to ETTE for having to bear the brunt of my cyber-wrath. Who know how many saw my childish taunts. At some point it stopped standing up against sin and standing up for women and it became about me being the winner. I am sorry.

*Follow up-7:15 pm 2-21-11*: It was pointed out to me that I sound like I claiming to be the winner. That was not my intent. I was trying to say that I was trying to be the winner and cared more about that than making a legitimate point. Again, I am sorry.


It's cool man,    
"I heard you were on the east coast and since I'm also on the east coast at the moment I was wondering if you would like to meet up and apologize in person. If you want you can send me an email at

and you and I and Katie can meet up and talk about the whole thing. I would love to show both of you and your three children that I don't harbor any hard feelings. Just let me know when you would like to meet, and then we can see who the real winner is :)"
posted at 17:42:04 on February 21, 2011 by ETTE
"Hubster that’s not an apology at all you think you won because ETTE deleted his comments. You sound kind of crazy, talking about how you love to crush those you are arguing with.

And ETTE your sarcasm is something else. I hope Hubster gets that your just being crazy. At least I hope you are. But I’m happy you guys deleted those posts it was like watching a smackdown. It was sad but now its kinda funny to see how crazy the two of you got. "
posted at 18:00:17 on February 21, 2011 by heartfelt
I wasn't saying    
"I wasn't saying I was the winner. I am sorry it sounded like that. I was trying to say that I had started trying to be the winner. I hope that clears things up. Yes, it is crazy to be so prideful that you want to crush your opponents. I was just trying to explain one of my character weaknesses, acknowledge it and say I was sorry for engaging in it.

As to the invite, Ette, I hope you'll accept an online apology for an online sleight."
posted at 18:15:12 on February 21, 2011 by hubster
I'm a dork,    
"I was just messing with you since you didn't accept my apologies at first. Your online apology is fine, I accept. You and Katie are fine in my book. Let's just move on."
posted at 18:22:06 on February 21, 2011 by ETTE
Sounds good to me.    
"Thanks, sometimes I can be awful dense. LOL Another one of my faults is not always getting when people are teasing! I'm working on it. :)"
posted at 18:29:18 on February 21, 2011 by hubster

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