modisty and proper sunday dress
By nephi
2/17/2011 12:41:02 AM
I would like to add to the modisty subject. Something new has started at our ward which concerns my wife and I. Some of the Sisters and their daughters have started to wear what we think is inapropret cloth to church. They have started to wear black leggens and a mini skirt, or a very short dress. Everything is well covered, nothing is see through. But we are questioning if this is what should be worn to Church or the Temple. I know that they have very nice Sunday dresses, but why these things? Are they trying to stay in style? Can someone calm my fears, or do I need to have a talk with the mother. (She is the Gospel Doctrin teacher, and a very good one at that.)

Still staying in there strong.Does anyone have a sussection for a audio book to listed to and from work? It sure helps me get my day off on the right foot. As I have told you, my job requires that I spend a large amount of my day surffing the internet. I find myself waisteing a lot of time, but also "Slip slidding away" into things than are not realy Porn, but a kind of close. Things that i should not be going after.



"I'm not sure I would wear that to church, but then again I'm not sure I have the right figure for that at all. It's hard to say without actually seeing it if it's modest or proper.

As far as books on tape. I enjoyed Believing Christ and Miracle of Forgiveness."
posted at 01:10:42 on February 17, 2011 by dstanley
What ever you do    
"Do it with love and respect for her intelligence (her ability to decide what the "standards" of the church mean to her). I would ask myself a few questions first. Are you her friend? Do you have repore with her? Do you love her not just as a child of God but because you have some measure of understanding her - you know her. Do you know her mind (Jesus's definition of friend)? Do you like her? Have you served her? How have you earned the right to address this with her? How will telling her truly help her if at all?

For all you know her dress, as it applies to her, is pretty low on Jesus's priority list for bringing her home safe. If that, hypothetically, is the case why waist time making it high on your priority list? Personally I think members of the church would do well to worry about their own problems and focus on others strengths. My guess is she brings a lot more to church then a skimpy out fit. In my opinion untill we love someone and are aware of the beam in our own eye we have little business fretting over the mote in others even if we think its making our life difficult.

Maybe even ask God if He needs your help in getting her to wear some respectable clothing to church. If your lusting let him know you need His. My 2"
posted at 06:40:08 on February 17, 2011 by They Speak
It is just    
"influence from the world. Women, even good women are influenced byt e world's fashion, and try all sorts of way to be as sexy as possible within the limits... I do nto agree with that kind of fashion. I love being attractive, but I love even more being modest. As far away as I can to the world. Again, I am so aware of thses things now, that I know about my husband's addiction. I will say, that as a youth I did not realize how a little immodesty was bad for man. There are things that I will never have wore had I known what I know now. They probably do not know, and I think you could talk to the mother, if done in a respectful manner, it should be ok, especially if your wife does it."
posted at 22:47:45 on February 18, 2011 by Anonymous
Yes Talk    
"With a prayer in your heart, talk to the parents. I agree with "It is Just" comment. Immodesty plays an role in pornography for boys and men. We need to help protect our youth, boys from looking at porn and girls from encouraging porn addictions through their immodest dress."
posted at 09:46:11 on February 21, 2011 by Anonymous
Don't blame the girls    
"If you spend all your time saying girls dress immodest because that is what boys like and boys like porn because girls dress immodestly you miss the point. Both the boys an the girls need to be modest and chaste out of gratitude to Heavenly Father for the gifts He has given us. Blaming the other sex is just another excuse for our own bad choices. Personal responsibility is needed. No one needs to tell someone else at church how to dress. Be strong, look others in the eyes, don't bother to check out the girls to see if they are modest."
posted at 11:22:24 on February 21, 2011 by hubster
Suggestion of something to listen to...    
"I love Joseph Smith the Prophet by Truman Madsen. I have gleaned many, many insights from this series. I also love "The Myth We Call Perfection" by John Lund--excellent!

As for the immodesty issue, although I completely agree that there are some women in the church who dress inappropriately, it's kind of a beam/mote issue I think. Don't worry about what others are doing, worry about your own salvation. I don't think I would stir that bee's nest of contention by saying something to the parents as was suggested above. But I may mention your concerns to your Bishop--perhaps they can be addressed more indirectly by other means i.e. sacrament meeting talks, Firesides, etc."
posted at 21:07:01 on February 22, 2011 by bikermom
MP3 to listen to    
"I like to listen to general conference again on mp3. I usually am touched by a few of them. I keep a list of "talks I picked" I will listen to them on days I don't feel like listening to the scriptures on the way to work. There are also losts of good talks from BYU devotionals and CES firesides."
posted at 12:32:44 on March 25, 2011 by isaiah118
General Conference    
"I like to listen to conference talks. Elder Ballard gave a great talk last conference about Satan's lures. So true. Keeps things in proper perspective."
posted at 22:05:46 on March 29, 2011 by matt78

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