Mormon Immodesty
By katie
2/15/2011 3:56:03 PM
When I was a teenager I was taught the principle of modesty. This was my basic understanding of the principle: "Don't tempt men to have bad thoughts by dressing immodestly. Guys are visual, help them out. Yada Yada Yada."

Hero had posted a link to a BYU pornography conference. I listened to a couple of the talks. One of the speakers talked about how men are naturally attracted to women and that is normal and part of God's plan, ect. He then talked briefly about modesty. He explained what I said above. He added something along the lines of, "We men are attracted to your curves so please help us out and dress modestly." (I waited for him to address the higher reason for modesty but I was disappointed that he never did).

Like many folks, I believed that helping the men out was basically the reason for dressing modestly.

A few months ago I was reading an Ensign article and I read this:
"Through modesty in dress and appearance, you show God that you know your body is a sacred creation from Him."

I LOVED this statement! I think it is a MUCH better reason for being modest. I hope we can somehow make this more clear to our youth (and to our adults). Don't dress modestly to help the boys to not lust. Heck, it is easy for girls to dismiss this reason. We could easily think, "If they have impure thoughts it's their problem. It's the girls who dress sexy who get attention so I will too. I can't help it if the boy lusts."

Our people need to see that we should dress modestly to show God that we love Him and to show Him that we know our body is sacred.

I have seen good women. Really really good women at church who dress pretty sexy. I like to call it "Mormon immodesty." It's not immodest by the world's standard. It is just immodest by the "For the strength of the youth standard.' Most commonly it is really tight clothing. They don't show cleavage, for instance, but their shirts are super tight. I see amazing women, good women, with strong testimonies wear barely long enough skirts. In some cases, not really long enough skirts. I love these women. They are great women. Satan is crafty. We women have been exposed to this stuff our whole lives too. Satan has carefully sent women the message that their worth is (at least in part) based on how sexy they are.

I have found myself tempted to wear a tight shirt (especially when I was younger). I knew it accentuated my chest. I knew it was attractive to men. And I figured it was their problem if they had thoughts about it. (And I was not a rebellious teenager. I was a good, innocent, naive teenager. Yet, I was unknowingly influenced by Satan's subtle messages).

I think if the Saints really understood the true, much higher reason for modesty than we wouldn't have so many folks hanging around the barely modest fence. I believe these women are really, really fantastic women so if they just understood the true reasons for modesty, than they would find attractive clothes that aren't near the fence. They love God so they would want to show Him that they revere their bodies as sacred temples that are part of His plan of happiness.

Here is a link to the article:


From the same article:    
"“Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

“For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s” (1 Corinthians 6:19–20).""
posted at 16:20:02 on February 15, 2011 by katie
Well said Katie.    
"If we want to fight this overall battle we need to teach the true principles to our daughters and not the "law of Moses" level principles!"
posted at 17:10:33 on February 15, 2011 by hubster
"I like this conversation.

I think when men and women.. seek to exaggerate their character through sex appeal/success appeal -- it's basically saying.. hey look at me... I'm not good enough to just be me... but look at my ____ -- I"m sure you will like that.

Almost all men I've met in my life are instinctually drawn to female sex appeal... but the deep lasting love I have witnessed (and always wanted) are relationships that seem so understated... a kind of long lasting smoldering love that comes from a deep maturity and respect for each other. It's always fun to see an older couple.. say they have loved each other more as they have aged...

kind of the total opposite of what this porn thing is all about...

from spencer kimball...
Many people spend most of their time working in the service of a ---- self-image---- that includes sufficient money, stocks, bonds, investment portfolios, property, credit cards, furnishings, automobiles, and the like to guarantee carnal security throughout, it is hoped, a long and happy life.

plus.. it's always smart to underpromise and overdeliver !"
posted at 22:29:08 on February 15, 2011 by Anonymous
Respect soapbox    
"Wow, that's an awesome quote by Katie. I like that a lot, and it got me thinking that our reasons for being modest are the same reasons why we follow the word of wisdom. It's all about respecting our earthly bodies, right? So if we follow that same logic, shouldn't we ask ourselves if being overweight is just as bad as immodesty? It's just a theory, but it seems like if we are extremely obese, then we aren't showing our Father in Heaven that we love and respect our bodies.

Couldn't the same be said for unnecessary cosmetic surgery, masturbation, eating disorders, unhealthy diets like Atkins and HCG, tattoos, and extreme piercings? Aren't all of these problems related to disrespecting our bodies? I know we hear about the piercings, tattoos, immodesty, and masturbation in church, but how come we don't hear much about being overweight or getting unnecessary cosmetic surgeries like tummy tucks, liposuction, breast enhancements, facelifts, etc..? Obviously, there are times when reconstructive surgery should be encouraged, like when your face is demolished by a car accident or a bear attack, but that is generally the exception, not the rule.

The reason I'm busting out the soapbox is because I take a lot of trips from ogden to provo and back, and I'm SO tired of seeing all the signs for plastic surgery and liposuction. Do those signs bother anyone else? I just took a long drive all the way to the east coast, and the only signs I saw like those were along I-15 on the Wasatch front. What is it with Utah?"
posted at 10:01:09 on February 16, 2011 by ETTE
"..the signs! It's all a competition to see who can get to the Jazz game and the celestial kingdom first...and look the "best" doing it. Isaiah saw it all. That's what's with utah :)"
posted at 10:51:37 on February 16, 2011 by They Speak
"Whoa? There are really signs like that all down I15? I have never seen signs like that. But that does remind me of something...

A couple of years ago I was listening to our local talk radio show host. I live in the Eastern US. He had read a magazine article that ranked the most vain US cities. He asked folks to call in and guess which city was the number one most vain city. The callers gave the same guesses I would have...
Beverly Hills
New York City
San Francisco

The host hinted by commenting that he couldn't believe this city was number one. He would have guessed Hollywood like everyone else. Finally he reveals the number one most vain city in the US is Salt Lake City. Then this was followed by all kinds of comments like, "How could this be?" The host explained that the judging was based on many factors including, how much $$ is spent on cosmetics, cosmetic surgeries, designer fashion, lipo, ect. When I heard that, I was no longer so surprised. I used to live in UT. I LOVE UT. I loved living there. But boy, everyone looks soooo good there. I look better in the East. :)

Oh, and about the whole being fat is not respecting your body thing.... I have often thought that the extra pounds I now carry are just one more thing to feel guilty about!"
posted at 11:22:43 on February 16, 2011 by katie
Perhaps one step futher...    
""Our Heavenly Father has given us the sacred powers of procreation for the purpose of bringing forth children and for the expression of love within marriage between a man and a woman. He has also given us the law of chastity to protect us from the damage that comes from sharing physical intimacies outside of marriage."

So by being modest, we are also showing God that we recognize the sacredness of the power of procreation."
posted at 16:53:03 on February 16, 2011 by katie
Yes Katie    
"Wonder why all of this is such a BIG DEAl! Just hold a baby!!!!"
posted at 18:55:59 on February 16, 2011 by Hero

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