Thank God!
By dstanley
2/13/2011 12:05:35 AM
I have many things to be thankful for right now. I'm hugely thankful for God's help in staying sober Thursday night. Because of that I'm on day 15! I'm a little shocked that it's already been 2 weeks. The time has flown. I think focusing on each day as it comes has helped. I can't do anything about next week, I can only stay sober today, right now. Yesterday was an absolutely wonderful day and a huge answer to prayers. I've been unemployed for about 18 months now. I had an interview yesterday for a contracting job at the company I used to work for. I still don't know how the contracting company that got me the interview even ended up with my resume. The interview was at 3:00 and lasted about 30 minutes. It took me about 45 minutes to get home. I felt my phone vibrating as I pulled into my mom's driveway. I was on my scooter so I couldn't answer it. I got inside and had a message from the contracting company asking how the interview went. I called him back (huge for me since I hate using the phone). We talked for a few minutes and then he asked me if it was someplace I wanted to work. I said yes and then he told me that they wanted to extend me an offer. I got the job!!!! One of the things he said they liked was my honesty. If I didn't know something I admitted it and explained how I would figure it out. I'm still just amazed. I don't have a firm number for wages, but it sounds like it will be more than twice what I'm getting on unemployment. This is such a huge weight off of my shoulders. I'm so excited. It brings up some concern about how I'm going to keep up on my recovery stuff, especially scripture study, while working full time and taking care of my boys in the evening, but I think I'm going to be OK. I know that I just need to trust that if I get up early and pray and do my scripture study before getting the boys up that the time will be there to do the other things I need to do. God didn't leave me hanging Thursday night and he won't leave me hanging now. Working full time isn't going to be easy, but I know it will be good for me. I am a little nervous about telling them I have 2 doctors appointments (counseling) each week, but again I'm trying to trust that it will be OK. I know that I need to make sure I manage the emotions that come up as I get ready to go back to work, and not let them spin me into a relapse. So far I think I'm doing pretty good. I am so excited and so thankful that things are going well. I just wanted to share that sobriety can happen and God does answer prayers. Sometimes it takes longer than we want or we get a different answer, but He knows what He's doing.



"Great news! Thanks for sharing . You are doing great, Sistee D! Praise the Lord!"
posted at 09:51:35 on February 13, 2011 by Hero
Wonderful news!    
"That is wonderful news! What a blessing!"
posted at 19:58:35 on February 13, 2011 by hubster
"I am so happy for all your great news, D! Yippee! Keep up the good work! God sure loves you is definitely aware of your needs."
posted at 18:18:38 on February 14, 2011 by katie
"What wonderful news........keep it going one day at a time!!"
posted at 22:36:13 on February 14, 2011 by nickwyo

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— Richard G. Scott

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